Can I Clarify Hair Before Relaxing Process?

Can you clarify hair before relaxing

Relaxing your hair is awesome, who else doesn’t like turning from an annoying frizzy, or a curly hair to a straight and awesome looking hair, but before relaxing your hair you should definitely have this question in your mind and you should have found the answer for it by the time you start to relax … Read more

Best Moisturizer For 4c Hair

best moisturizer for 4c hair

4c hair is tightly coiled and it looks like a smaller hair due to shrinkage, so it needs lot of moisture to hold its strength, There are lots of products available for 4c hair but finding a good one will take a ton of time and thats why we are here to assist you to … Read more

5 Working best root lifter for fine hair!

Root lifter for fine hair

Fine flat hairs are worst for hair styling, people want to add volume to their hair and lift their root but nothing works for more than few hours, Even the salon blowouts will end up in the same way, When you think of what can you do to extend the period of the volume of … Read more

Amazing benefits of ginger for hair growth!

Benefits of ginger for hair

Ginger has some amazing medical benefits, it is mainly used for the digestion purposes and they are easily available in all kitchens. What if I say ginger can help Reduce hair fall and it can stimulate the hair growth, Yes, it can help for the regrowth of your hair. Ginger contains some of the minerals … Read more