Sodium Hydroxide in curly hair products – should you worry?

is sodium hydroxide curly girl approved? is it safe for hair? whenever you get this question, the first place you should go to is (, when you type the ingredient in isitcg you will get, yes the sodium hydroxide is verified and curly girl approved, it means that the sodium hydroxide is safe to use on hair, but it can not be stopped with that single line answer because there is also an opposite side,

Sodium hydroxide(NaOH) is safe to be used in hair products but, when its concentration and pH are high it can cause damage to your hair and may cause temporary hair loss, but they are widely used for making hard bar soaps,

They are also used to balance the the pH of a hair product, NaOH is alkaline, if a hair product that is made is acidic, sodium hydroxide is used to balance the pH of that product, so when used by a company it will be checked for the pH level and they maintain it correctly, so it is completely safe to use the hair product in curly hair that has sodium hydroxide.

How to find if a hair product has sodium hydroxide?

Usually the hair products like Relaxer comes with a name lye and no lye, in this lye is another name of sodium hydroxide, caustic soda is another name of it(Source – wikipedia) , so if you find any of this in the ingredients list, you can confirm it has NaOH.

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