Why Is The Top Layer Of My Hair Straight And Curly Underneath?

Why is the top layer of my hair straight?

There are several reasons for your hair to be straight at the top and curly at the bottom,

  1. The first reason is you may have mixed hair type, naturally you may have the combination of straigh and curly hair textures, these textures are due to genetics,
  2. The next reason is, top layers are exposed a lot, they are exposed more to chemicals that you apply on hair than the bottom layer, the amount of product that you apply on top layer does not reach the bottom, this may also be the reason for the difference.
  3. When hair grows longer it weighs down the top layer which makes it appear straighter.
  4. Exposure to sun may make your curly hair thin due to which the top layer may become flat.
  5. They are easy to touch, they are the ones that have physical contact with pillows; this is also the reason.

How to solve the straight top layer issue?

Every single problem has more than one good solutions, i’m gonna tell you the every possible solution to match both the textures of your hair,

Heat techiniques

Look at the mirror, decide which hair you like, whether the staight or the curly hair,

If you like curly hair use curling iron to curl the top layer to match the rest of your curls, and if you like straight hair, leave the top layer and straighten the curly hair.

Using the right products

Make sure you are using silicone and sulfate free hair products, because silicone cause buildup and weigh too much on hair which leads to even straightening your curls in type 2 and 3 hair,

But if you want to use silicone based products to get better slip, try using the products that contain water soluble silicones, they don’t cause much buildup, but i would avoid it totally.

Sulfate also causes similar issues, it dries out the hair quickly, when the top layer is dry there is a chance of curly hair becoming straight.

Apply holding gels

Applying holding gels may help a little bit in holding your curls, always apply a little extra on the top layer.

Root lifter, curl activators

Roots are the ones that are holding the weight, when the roots are given boost you will get more volume and more defined curls

Curl activators can also help to activate your curls and get more defined curls.

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Moisturize often

You can see your hair is more curlier when wet than when it is dry, moisturize your hair often to retain the moisture on the top layer, this might help a little bit.

Doing a haircut

When your hair grows longer it becomes a little bit heavier and weigh on the head, this makes the hair looks straight, and the perfect solution for this problem is a haircut, the hair loses its weight and curl up again,

One more benefit with the haircut is, there will be a chance to expose the curly hair underneath and hide the straight hair on top layer, don’t do it by yourself, this is not gonna be like a normal haircut, you have to explain the situation to the hairstylist, he will cut the top layer short without losing the style.

Avoid Ponytails

My friend was wearing a ponytail all the time and faced this similar issue, when we went to the hairdresser he told that when you wear ponytail it pulls and stretches the front strand which leads to lose her curls, after that she avoids ponytail and the hair is getting back their curls slowly.

Try pinning the hair while wet

When your hair is soaking wet part the root into small sections and clip it until it dries, in this way the root will get a boost, when the root gets lifted you will get more curls.

Trying squish to condish

One of the best method of hair conditioning that activate the inactive curls, 

  • Wash your hair,
  • Drop your head facing the floor,
  • Wash it gently,
  • Apply the deep conditioner, make sure all the areas are covered mainly the top layer,
  • Twist your hair and clip it on top of your head,
  • Leave it for 5 to 10 minutes,
  • Now wash your hair,
  • Squish the hair from the ends,
  • Take a wide toothed comb and comb through the hair so that there are no frizz, comb it from the root so that it can get a little lift,
  • Now apply all the styling products and squish your hair in the same way as you did before,
  • Now you can notice more defined curls even on top layer.

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