Will My Hair Go Back to Curly After Straightening? Exploring the Possibilities.

Will My Hair Go Back to Curly After Straightening

Straightening your hair can be a fun way to switch up your look, but what happens when you want your curls back? Many people wonder if their hair will go back to its natural curly state after straightening. The answer isn’t always straightforward and depends on several factors. Firstly, it’s important to understand that straightening … Read more

Heatless curls FAQs

Here are some common Questions and answers regarding the no heat curls or heatless curls 1) Can you do heatless curls with wet hair? Yes, it is possible to create heatless curls with wet hair. Here are a few methods you can try: Remember, the key to achieving great heatless curls is to start with … Read more

Different types of heatless curls – How to do it?

Braided Curls: This is a classic method that involves dividing your damp hair into sections, braiding each section tightly, and leaving the braids in overnight or until your hair is completely dry. When you take out the braids, you’ll be left with beautiful, bouncy curls. Twist and Pin Curls: This method involves twisting small sections … Read more

Brushing curly hair – everything you need to know

Why curly hair should not be brushed? does brushing ruin your curls? Curly hair breaks easily, so brushing curly hair when it’s dry makes it break and leads to split ends. So it is not advised to brush the curly hair and yes brushing may ruin your curls if not done properly, Even though it … Read more

Can you use shower cap as bonnet?

Hair bonnets are mostly used by women at night mainly to retain moisture from the hair and helps the hair from frizz and also it helps to maintain the curls, but the shower cap is made for the purpose as the name says it helps to keep the water away from your hair while you … Read more

Why does short hair curl outwards? How to prevent it?

It’s frustrating to have unwanted hair curls outwards, especially those with short hair. The common reasons behind curling your short hair outwards are as follows: The weight and length of short hair. The end of your short hair is the oldest part. The part becomes thinner through natural damage. When the short hair reaches the … Read more

Sodium Hydroxide in curly hair products – should you worry?

is sodium hydroxide curly girl approved? is it safe for hair? whenever you get this question, the first place you should go to is (isitcg.com, curlsbot.com) when you type the ingredient in isitcg you will get, yes the sodium hydroxide is verified and curly girl approved, it means that the sodium hydroxide is safe to … Read more