Why does short hair curl outwards? How to prevent it?

It’s frustrating to have unwanted hair curls outwards, especially those with short hair. The common reasons behind curling your short hair outwards are as follows:

  • The weight and length of short hair.
  • The end of your short hair is the oldest part.
  • The part becomes thinner through natural damage.
  • When the short hair reaches the shoulder; as a result, flips and curls happen.
  • Other reasons are wrong haircut, hormonal changes, stress, genetics, climate, diet, pregnancy, etc.

How to stop my hair curling outwards?

Get a Right Haircut

A fresh and right haircut is a quick solution to stop your hair from curling outwards. This is the best and most tried way to solve this problem. So, this time you need the right haircut to avoid this situation. A fresh haircut gives your hair’s end part a new life. It frees you from the thinner and damaged strands of the end part. That is bound to curl through ageing. So, consult your stylist to work on your hair type and texture. That can give you a perfect haircut that doesn’t curl or flip.

Using Moisturizing And Protective Products

It would be best if you had a good hair care routine. One of the reasons for curling hair outwards is not having a good hair care routine—the way you take care of your hair health. Your hair also needs good care whether the hair is short or long. Many methods and options are available to stop your hair from curling outwards, such as moisturizing products. That keeps the strands of the oldest part of your hair healthy. A weekly hair mask, deep conditioner, heat protectant product, etc., are necessary.

A weekly hair mask prevents you from dry and damaged hair. A good and deep conditioner gives enough moisture to the strands. Before going outside under the hot sun or using any hot tools, you should use heat protectant products that prevent your strands from UV ravages. If you’re using hot tools, keep them at low temperatures to minimize the harmful risks. These help to stop hair curling outwards.

Silk Pillows Are Best For Your Hair

Silk pillows are great buddies to your hair. Pillows also affect our hair. Your hair gets rubbed by pillows while turning here and there in sleep. As a consequence, the quality of your hair gets weak. The hair gets tangled, damaged, broken, etc., from root to the end. That leads your hair to curl outwards. Using silk pillows is the best option. Silk pillows help you to prevent moisture in your hair from root to the end. Silk pillows are not like cotton that steals all the moisture from your hair. Using silk pillows, you are free from worries about getting dry hair in the morning. That helps to stop hair curling outwards since dry hair is easily bendable. 

A Good Heat Protection Spray

We’ve already discussed it a bit in the above. But there’s more to know about how to stop hair curling outwards. Nowadays, it’s a common fashion to get a straight hairstyle. For that, your first choice is, of course, a straightener since that is easier when you’re in a hurry. But, the heat on your hair takes away the moisture and makes it dry. Eventually, your parched hair starts to curl outwards.

If you have thoughts that for this hair straightening thing, your hair might get curled outwards, then you must not forget to use heat protection spray before using a straightener. Heat protectant products are best for UV damage. It prevents strands from harmful heat and keeps the moisture locked to your strands which is the most important trait for your short hair to stay straight naturally.

Consult a Professional Hairstylist

While trying all these, it’s natural to have some doubts. Consult a professional who knows how to stop short hair curling outwards. Each person has different types of hair. So the reason behind the curl can vary with each individual. So, taking advice from a professional is the best option if you’re tired of trying out everything. Professionals have experience with years of solving hair problems. They know different hair types and textures. Hair curling outwards is a common issue to them. They can give you better advice to combat getting curled and damaged hair. 

Analyzing your hair type and texture, professionals can provide you with better product recommendations for your hair twisting from the outside. Moreover, they will give you better advice for your hair care routine that will be solely made depending on your hair quality. So, don’t hesitate to consult a professional hairstylist.

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