Difference between Hair milk and leave in conditioner

Is leave in milk the same as leave in conditioner? Leave in conditioner is used to add moisture to the hair, and helps to make the dry and frizzy hair look live and moisturized on the other side leave in milk is also used for the similar purposes like Nourishing your hair and detangling it and makes it look shinier, it also helps to prevent your scalp form dry and itchiness, so the idea of both the products are same, but the hair milk is lighter than the leave in conditioner so your hair doesn’t feel the weight.

When to use Leave in milk and leave in conditioner

If your hair is dry and coarse i suggest you using leave in conditioner, since leave in conditioner make your hair oily it will be best suitable for oily hair, on the other side if you have oily hair, you can use the hair milk since it does not weigh down your hair, it will be best suitable for this hair type.

If you do not need a deep hold to your hair, you should use the hair milk.

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