How to Tell If a Girl Is a Natural Blonde

How to Tell If a Girl Is a Natural Blonde

Many people want to know if a girl is a natural blonde or not. While hair dyeing has become increasingly popular in recent years, natural blondes still exist. Some people find it important to know if someone’s hair color is natural for various reasons, such as curiosity or personal preferences. There are several ways to … Read more

Do Natural Blondes Have Dark Eyebrows? Debunking the Myth

Many people with blonde hair have eyebrows that are much darker than their hair color. While some natural blondes have light eyebrows, others have eyebrows that are closer in color to brown or even black. This can lead to questions about whether natural blondes really do have dark eyebrows or if they dye them to … Read more

Why is blonde hair dark at the roots?

Blondes have dark roots both natural blonde and bleached blonde, in this article we are going to discuss, why do blondes have dark roots? There are three scenarios in which you are going to see blonde hair with dark roots, they are , Case 1 : Natural blondes do have melanin in their hair, when … Read more

What happens if you put blonde dye on red hair?

If you put blonde dye on red hair, you won’t get much of a difference or your hair might turn its color to the middle of red and dull red i have seen people doing it and failing which might look ugly, if lightening the hair is your intension, this is a bad way to … Read more

Oils that are bad for your Bleached Blonde Hair

bad oils for blonde hair

Blond hairs are very hard to maintain, since they are blond even the dust particles will make it dull and brassy, you need to wash it every now and then, and the most recommended shampoo for the blondes is purple shampoo, purple shampoo will eliminate the brassiness of your hair, Now coming to the point, … Read more