Oils that are bad for your Bleached Blonde Hair

Blond hairs are very hard to maintain, since they are blond even the dust particles will make it dull and brassy,

you need to wash it every now and then, and the most recommended shampoo for the blondes is purple shampoo, purple shampoo will eliminate the brassiness of your hair,

Now coming to the point, there are some oils that are good but are not suitable for the blonde hair, applying those oils on hair may lead to the similar effect like brassiness, darkening the hair, so you need to know them before you choose oil for your blonde hair,

Oils that are bad for blonde hair

1) Coconut oil

I have a personal experience with coconut oil and dark hair, my mom is 50 years old and her hairs are almost 80% blonde, her hairs look whiter the day when she shampoo her hair, and when she applies coconut oil her hair looks like they are 50% black,

From this you can come to a conclusion that coconut oil doesn’t affect the the hair color but it creates an illusion as if it makes your hair black,

So how is this bad for blonde hair? the answer is, it might not be bad in health wise, but in the look wise it makes your blonde hair little bit look darker, so you wont get the desired blonde look, it is better to avoid coconut oil for your blonde hair, but we can not deny the health benefits of the coconut oil but that is for the normal hair.

2) Amla oil

does amla oil darken blonde hair? Amla oil contains a necessary vitamins and anti oxidants that are helpful in making the hair darker, it is used by people for long years in order to make their gray hair black, there are few studies as well, so anything that is used to darken the hair will not do any benefit to the hair, so you have to stay away from amla oil.

3) Moroccan oil

Moroccan oil is yellowish orange in color, when you keep on using it on your blonde hair, the color settles on the blonde and make it look brassy, and thus it change your blonde hair into ugly looking orange color, so avoid moroccan oil when you are bleached blonde.

4) Argan oil

Argan oil also has the capacity to turn your blonde hair into yellow, this oil may leave a lint on the hair which is usually not noticeable on the other hair types but in blonde hair it is clearly visible, so you need to avoid argan oil as well.

5) Castor oil

Castor oils are rich in ricinoleic fatty acid which helps to make your hair darker and that’s why it is used most in the chemical industry, so because of this fatty acid your blonde hair may become dark a little bit, castor oil is bad for blonder hair, stay away.

6) Rosemary oil

Rosemary is an another essential oil that is know to darken the hair, so this is also not suitable for the blonde hair, try to avoid it.

7) Olive oil

Olive oil is another form of a darker oil, when you apply it on a lighter colored hair like the bleached blonde hair, it will absorb the greenish color and it may look weird.

Final thoughts

All the above mentioned oils are bad for blonde hair in one or the other way so stay away from those, to be simple avoild oils that are dark colored, if you notice all the above oils, they are darker colored ones, white color is like white dress if you apply anything colored it will ruin it,

However the brassiness can be solved by using the purple shampoo, they are specially made for this purpose.

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