What does purple shampoo do to your hair?

I like to be blonde and i bleach my hair in the salon, which cost me around $250, yes it’s that costly to bleach your hair, but it also depends upon the length of your hair, since I has long hair it cost me this much, if you have a shorter hair it may cost you less than this,

After few days my hair started to become dull and brassy, the yellow tones started to appear on my bleached blonde hair, then again I need to go to salon to bleach my hair which cost me $250 again, which is a frustration for me because my mom is not ready to spend this much for just bleaching, i think this happens for lot of teenage girls, 8f you are one among them please mention it in the comments,

Later i came to know about the toner that can make my bleached hair more vibrant when it start to become dull and it can help get rid of the brassiness in my hair,

In this article I’m gonna share you every possible things that I know about the purple shampoo,

What is brassiness?

If you have a bleached hair, after certain days you will start to notice the yellow tones on your hair, your bleached white, silver or any other similar colored hair becomes dull and lifeless and this is called brassiness.

What causes brassiness?

There are few reasons that causes brassiness in your hair, few of them are,

  • When your hair is exposed to the UV rays that comes from the sun,
  • Shampoos that contains chemicals like sulfate,
  • The pool water that contains chlorine,
  • Using flat iron and blow dryer.

What does purple shampoo do to blonde hair?

The purple shampoo leaves the purple pigments on the brassy hair and acts on the yellowness and makes it white, since purple and yellow are directly opposite in the color circle it cancels each other and makes your hair whiter,

When i discovered the purple shampoo i never imagined this is going to be a life saver for me,

When I just applied the purple shampoo and left it for 3 to 4 minutes and washed the hair, to my surprise the hair looks vibrant and the yellow tones were totally disappeared and my hair looked white as it was when I bleached my hair,

It saved lot of money for me.

Does purple shampoo work on brown hair?

The purple shampoo is not made for the brown hair so it doesn’t work on it, however if you have brown hair(brunettes) with highlights it will definitely work on it,

When the highlights turns to orangish or yellowish the purple shampoo tone down your hair to the color that it was before,

What does purple shampoo does to black hair?

As mentioned already purple shampoo does not work on the black hair however it can help to turn the brassiness brighter if you have highlights in the black hair.

How to use the purple shampoo to get the white hair back?

Before you bath,

Apply the purple shampoo and massage it well all over your hair, and leave it for 3 to 4 minutes and then wash it with the lukewarm water,

Make sure you do not leave it more that 4 minutes on your hair.

One important thing is using the purple conditioner after the purple shampoo will give you even more bright and vibrant look.

Purple shampoo before and after

Here is the before and after result of purple shampoo

source: pinterest


1) what does purple shampoo do to red hair?

If you dyed your hair you can experience the orangeness in it after certain days, and if you use the purple shampoo i will help to get rid of the orange colori from your hair and makes it look brighter.

2) Will purple shampoo fade red hair?

No,the purple shampoo helps to get rid of the oranginess from your red hair and it does not fade away the red hair.

3) What happens if you leave purple shampoo for an hour?

when you leave the purple shampoo on your hair for an hour or more your hair may become purple all over, there may be purple tints left over in your hair, but that can be reverted by the clarifying shampoos,

But I don’t advise you to leave it on your hair for an hour.

4) Does purple shampoo work on natural blonde hair?

Well some people go to salon to achieve blonde hair while some are naturally blonde so you may have a doubt regarding this, the answer is yes purple shampoo do work on the natural blonde hair, even natural blondes experience the brassiness issue and this shampoo work well to correct that out.

5) what happens when you use too much of purple shampoo?

As mentioned already if you use too much of purple shampoo the purple tints may appear on your hair.

6) How often to use purple shampoo?

Using the purple shampoo 1 to 2 times a week will be the right timeline to achieve the right effect, it might be too much to use more than this.

7) How long does it take purple shampoo to work?

The moment you wash your hair you will see the effect, which means the purple shampoo works immediately after you use it.

8) What does purple shampoo do to purple hair?

I tried it one time when I dyed my hair purple, and it faded my hair color but since I tried it only once I can’t say it with confidence, it is needed to be tested again.

9) Does purple shampoo damage your hair?

Using it once or twice in a week would not cause damage to your hair, however using it often may damage your hair.

10) Will purple shampoo lighten dark hair?

No the purple shampoo does not work on the dark hairs, so it does not lighten it up.

11) How to remove purple shampoo stains from hair?

You can use hydrogen peroxide to get rid of the purple shampoo stains, to know how to do it read this article.

12) Does purple shampoo stain your hands and clothes?

No the purple shampoo do not stain the clothes and your hand, but make sure to immediately wash your hands after you apply it likewise your clothes also.

13) Does the purple conditioner work the same as the shampoo?

Yes they both works together, using the purple conditioner after the shampoo will give you the best result as mentioned already.

14) Does purple shampoo work on natural hair?

Purple shampoo is not friendly for the natural hair, so make sure to be away from it, or ask the hair stylist before you use them.


Make sure to read all this FAQs from my personal experience before you use the purple shampoo, if you have any further questions regarding. This please do mention it in the comments.

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