Relation Between Gray Hair And The Dry Scalp

Dry scalp is irritating and is annoying, when i was in my teenage i suffered a lot from dry scalp issues, sometimes it may cause serious itching problem and may even take you to the level of Dermatitis,

Later my hair started to turn gray, which lead me to the further frustration, so i started to search the internet about is there a relation between gray hair and the dry scalp and in this article im gonna discuss what i learned about it,

does gray hair cause dry scalp? No, the gray hair does not cause dry scalp but indirectly the dry scalp can cause gray hair, due to lack of vitamin, minerals and nutrients the melanin in the hair start to decrease so it may lead to the graying hair, melanin is a subtance that is responsible for the darker color of the hair and skin, so if there is a lack of melanin there is a chance of your hair turning into gray.

Does gray hair make your scalp itch?

Gray hair and itching scalp are two different things, so the gray hair does not make your scalp itch.

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