Can I Clarify Hair Before Relaxing Process?

Relaxing your hair is awesome, who else doesn’t like turning from an annoying frizzy, or a curly hair to a straight and awesome looking hair, but before relaxing your hair you should definitely have this question in your mind and you should have found the answer for it by the time you start to relax your hair,

The question is,

Can i clarify hair before relaxing process? You should not clarify your hair before you relax it because your scalp will produce natural oils that prevents your hair from the harmful chemicals and if your wash your hair with shampoo before the relaxer, your scalp may experience burning sensation and you may end up even in hair loss.

How long should you wait to relax your hair after washing it?

Ok you should not relax your hair after clarifying it but,

How long should you wait if you washed it?

There is no particular answer for this and the answer may vary from person to person, but generally waiting 6 to 7 day will help your scalp from burning sensations and even prevent the hair damage and loss.

Can you relax your hair when it’s dirty?

This is also not advisable, clarify your hair one week before you relax it and try to keep your hair away from the dirt and the pollution, try to protect your hair like a baby just for one week,

There may be a few dirts that may be attracted to your hair but that’s not a big problem, and you should be fine relaxing with it.

How do I detangle my hair before a relaxer?

  • Take a soft brush and gently glide through your hair, never use the boar bristle brush,
  • If you don’t have a hair brush, use the wide toothed comb and gently glide through your hair, we have a recommendation for the best detangling brush, you can take a look at it,
  • And again do this the day before you relax it, and if your sclap got hurt in any way, stop the relaxing process, and wait for it to get cured,

What should you not do before a relaxer?

There are few standard thing that one should not do before relaxing her/his hair,

  • As i mentioned earlier you should not calrify your hair,
  • you should not scratch your hair before relaxing it,
  • Should not use close toothed comb and brush,
  • Don’t forget to detangle,
  • Don’t forget to use the neutralizer and the conditioner both will help you get rid of the scalp burnings,

Final Thought

Your hair is most important part of your body, but don’t lose it for the silly mistake, make sure you follow all the rules that i mentioned and get good results, i have a recommendation for the best relaxer for black hair you can take a look at it if you need.

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