What happens if you put Clorox bleach in your hair

bleaching is a process of removing the color from your hair and it lightens the tone of your hair.

usually, people who like blond hair will go for bleaching, the bleaching products used in the salon or bought from the shop has hydrogen peroxide and ammonia which helps to lighten the hair

the Clorox bleach is made up of chemicals like (sodium hypochlorite, sodium chloride, sodium carbonate, sodium chlorate, sodium hydroxide, and sodium polyacrylate) which is made for the purpose of removing stains in your dresses, cleaning the floors and toilets, etc.

What happens if you put Clorox bleach in your hair? when you put Clorox bleach in your hair your scalp may burn and there is a high chance of permanent hair loss when it reaches the hair root, also if it comes in contact with the skin, or eyes there is a high risk of burn. Clorox is not made for the purpose of bleaching your hair so it is better to stay away from it, even a silly experiment with it may cause serious injuries, also keep it away from children.

do this experiment yourself at home

cut out a little amount of your hair and dip that in boul full of Clorox bleach leave it for 15 minutes and when you see the bowl, there won’t be any hair left out

this indicates the power of the Clorox bleach, so you have to be away from it.

Here is a fun experiment on pouring Clorox bleach on the hair

FAQs on bleaching your hair with Clorox

What should I do if I get cleaning(Clorox) bleach in my hair?

step 1: wash your hair with water immediately with no further delay, because the soon you react the less your hair gets damaged.

step 2: apply a deep conditioner to your hair immediately and make sure your hair is moisturized well, deep condition your hair regularly until your hair regain its natural look (the bleach will make your hair brittle so moisturizing it is very important)

can you bleach synthetic hair with Clorox?

no, you can’t.

any bleach do not stick to the synthetic hair,

the two things that the Clorox can do to your synthetic hair is

  1. it will make your synthetic hair rough and brittle if left for the short time
  2. it can even dissolve the synthetic hair if left for a long time (the toxic chemicals present in the Clorox can make the hair to dissolve)

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