Amazing benefits of oiling your hair before shampooing!

Should I oil my hair before or after shampooing?

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When to apply hair oil before or after a bath? oiling in both the ways are effective but oiling your hair before shampooing is more good to your hair because it helps to stay away from the damage that is caused by the chemicals that are present in the shampoo if you are really scared of the chemicals in shampoo, you can look for the pH balanced shampoos that are available online,

Oiling hair before shampooing has lots of benefits inside it, in our small age our mom used to apply oil to our hair but we hate it.

But the benefits are awesome, and here are some of those benefits.

Benefits of oiling hair before shampooing

Help you relieve from the heat in your body

Applying oil to your hair will help you relieve from body heat and stress, you could even use coconut oil as hair mask,

Apply oil to your hair at least 2 hours before you bath leaving it 2-3 hours will be more effective, and then wash it with shampoo for effective result.

The chemicals present in the shampoo will not damage your hair if you do it in this way.

You can use any oil such as coconut oil, mustard oil, but using castor oil will be more effective.

Increase the circulation of blood

Another main reason for oiling your hair before shampooing to massage your scalp.

Do a gentle massage to your scalp with your fingers, don’t use your palms.

Massaging your scalp help to circulate blood at your head and that helps the normal blood flow to your head.

It acts as a moisturizer

The oil helps to store some moisture into the hair, it even has some amount of moisture in your hair after you wash it.

This prevents your hair from being dry and getting damaged.

Dry hair has a high chance of getting damaged and oiling your hair before shampoo will prevent your hair from damage.

It acts as a moisturizer.

Here are some related questions regarding oiling your hair before shampooing

Can I apply oil to hair before sleep?

Yes, you can apply oil to your hair before you sleep, in fact, that is the most effective way, but

For for some people it may not be like that, they may get affected by cold because of the cooling nature of the oil,

In such a case apply oil to your hair at the day time and leave it for 2 to 3 hours and wash it for the better results.

Applying oil to hair daily is good or bad?

Applying oil to your hair daily is not good for it, because when you feed over oil to your hair there is a chance of hair getting broken because of over moisture,

Also if you oil your hair daily, you need to wash it daily, so shampooing your hair daily may cause huge damage to your hair.

Oiling your hair 2 to 3 times a week will be the best time period.

Can I use coconut oil on hair every day?

Yes, you can use coconut oil on hair every day,

It is advised to apply coconut oil on hair after a bath, it helps you keep your hair with moisture and helps to circulate the blood.

Is it necessary to shampoo hair after oiling?

It depends on the oil you choose,

If you choose the heavy oil like castor oil or mustard oil then it is necessary to shampoo your hair after oiling

At the same time, if you choose the light oil like coconut oil, it is not necessary to shampoo immediately,

The coconut oil can be used in both the ways before or after shampooing.

What are the effects of not applying oil to hair?

If you never oil your hair, your hair will lose its moisture content in it and there is a high chance of breakage of hair and also there is a chance of increase of heat in your body and it leaves to even stress.

How long does it take for hair to absorb oil?

It takes a minimum 20 minutes to absorb the oil, normally leaving it for 2 to 3 hours will be the best time frame before you wash your hair.

Does hair absorb water?

yes, the hair absorbs water,

The porosity hair allow water to pass into the cortex as needed,

The research found that healthy hair can absorb water at a maximum of 31.1% by weight

source: Naturally Curly

Final words

oiling your hair before shampooing is the best way to to keep your hair healthy and strong however doing it daily will reverse the benefits that you get from it,

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so keep it in a correct way, do it 2 to 3 times a week,

keep an eye on this page for another update,

have a healthy hair.

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