Everything you need to know about 4c Hair Growth

One of the difficult task in this world is growing and maintaining your 4c hair, it takes a lot of effort to maintain it, even though it is difficult, it is not unachievable, people are trying to manage their 4c hair and when they do it over and over it becomes easier to handle, it is easy only when you know how to manage, here i have made all the necessary steps and every single information that is know and combined it into a post for your reference,

Does 4c hair grow slower?

An average rate of normal hair growth is 1/2 inches, this may be slightly less in 4c hair, however on the other hand because of coily nature of black hair, the hair looks very shorter than the other type of hairs, since they form coils they looks smaller and when they are stretched or when they are relaxed with the relaxer they looks lengthier, the real answer is yes they grow a little slower that the usual hair but the difference in not bigger.

Does trimming 4C hair make it grow faster?

Trimming your 4c hair does not makes it grow faster, instead it clears all the dead hairs and cells, and makes your hair look healthier and shinier and clears all the split ends which in return paves way for the hair growth, so the direct answer trimming does not makes your 4c hair grow faster but indirectly it helps in hair growth by eliminating the damages and split ends that the hair has.

On the other side the hair growth process happens inside the scalp and trimming hair has nothing to do with the hair growth.

Should you trim 4C hair wet or dry?

It is a good practice to cut your hair when it is dry,

In other types of hair, when the hair is damp it is fully stretched and makes it easier to see and cut, even barbers prefer cutting the hair when it is damp, on the other hand wet hair is very prone to breakage so it is not prefered to cut your 4c hair when it is wet,

Another problem in cutting your 4c hair wet is, as i said above when it is wet it is stretched and looks longer, so if you cut it based on that length you will be disappointed when it dries, because when it dries it shrinks and looks shorter than when it was wet, so it is not advised to trim your wet hair.

Is rice water good for 4C hair?

Rice water is rich in amino acids and contains vitamin B, C and E which helps to promote hair growth and hair regeneration.

A research found that japanese women had a lengthier hair when they used rise water to bath, the rice water is called as yu su ru in japan,

The researchers examined the effort of rice water on hair and found that the yu su ru helps in reducing the surface friction and increasing the hair elasticity,

And their research proves that the rice water helps in hair growth.

Rice water also helps to condition your hair and smooth out the hair cuticle and prevents the hair strands from tangling.


Is water good for 4C hair?

Yes, water is the most important thing for the 4c hair, moisture doesn’t easily gets into the scalps because of its coily nature, so you can use water to keep your hair moisturized, at the same time wetting your hair everyday is not a good idea either, because wetting it everyday removes the natural oil on your scalp, so doing it one to two times a week will be the correct timeline.

How can I thicken my 4C hair?

Protein treatment is one of the best option that comes to my mind when you speak about thickening the 4c hair,

protein treatments infuse the hydrolyzed protein into the hair follicle and helps to strengthen cuticles and the hair strands which helps to make it thicker and healthier, so protein treatment is one option to make your 4c hair thicker,

As i mentioned above maintaining moisture in your hair helps to make it thicker and stronger, so always ensure that the moisture is balanced in your hair,

Do some head massages every now and then, always use castor oil and/or olive oil for your 4c hair which also helps in hair thickness and growth.

Can Type 4 hair grow long?

Type 4 hair is the weakest of all hair types, they are brittle and are very easy to breakage and damage so it is very hard to grow it longer, but at the same time it is not that you can make is grow lengthier, by taking some measures and being gentle with the hair you can grow the type 4 hair longer like the other hair types, the only thing is it takes time and lot of effort.

How to grow 4c hair?

The above mentioned things are the indirect answer for this question however i will tell you some simple steps to grow your 4c hair,

  • Make sure to moisturize the hair often,
  • Do some protective styling to make your hair stay away from the pollution and other environmental damages,
  • Deep condition your hair to retain the moisture, there are some deep conditioners available on the market and you can use them,
  • Regularly wash your hair and make sure it is free of dust particles,
  • If you have dandruff problem, make sure to wash the hair before it starts itching your scalp,
  • Use hair brushes to detangle your hair because tangle can damage the hair and leads to hair breakage,
  • Cut your hair when you see split ends or your hair looks lifeless,
  • Never use hair products that are not made for 4c hair, look out for product reviews, follow youtubers that has 4c hair, follow their hair care routine, and there are also a bunch of articles available on our blog you can take a look at them.
  • Following these tips can definitely helps in hair growth.

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