Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Aloe Extract Shampoo Reviews

Usually i use conditioner first to detangle my hair so that it will be tangle free and softer when i shampoo it, but this time i decided to use the shampoo first, I’m mostly trying to avoid the chemical products, this shampoo and conditioner mentioned that they are 98% chemical free and are made of natural ingredients, so i decided to give it a try, in this article i’m gonna review the Garnier fructis pure clean aloe extract shampoo

garnier fructis pure clean aloe extract shampoo

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Things to consider before buying Garnier fructis pure clean shampoo

A over greasy hair can cause uncomfort and later even pave way for the fungus that causes dandruff, so it is very important to clean the greasiness on your hair, whenever you start to feel your hair feels greasy, it means that you need to clarify your hair,

This Garnier Fructis pure clean aloe extract shampoo claims to clean your greasy hair well with the help of aloevera,

Who is this shampoo for?

  • If you are suffering from itchy scalp as i mentioned above, then this shampoo is for you,
  • If your hair is greasy and oily, this shampoo is for you,

Who is this shampoo not for?

What does the brand claims

  • They claims to clean, nourish your hair and makes it soft and shiny,
  • They are vegan and does not contain any animal derived ingredients,
  • They are free of harsh chemicals like silicones and parabens,
  • They are made 98% with natural ingrediants and the remaining 2% chemicals that are used to preserve the product.

Advantages of this shampoo

  • The smell is very refreshing and amazing, i like the smell very much, My hair felt soft and silky as they claimed and i’m really happy with that,
  • It is very affordable,
  • Doesn’t weigh on hair.

Disadvantages of this shampoo

  • It contains sulfate, sulfate is used to form lather while you apply the shampoo,
  • When it gets into my eyes it is irritating a little bit because of the sulfate and the smelling agent used in this shampoo,

Features & Benefits


The base ingredient of this shampoo is Aloevera which has anti inflammatory property which helps to reduce the scalp irritation, and moisturizes the hair well,

Vitamin E

It has vitamin E, vitamin E has antioxidants that helps to reduce the oxidative stress that leads to hair follicle break down and helps to maintain the hair growth.

Citrus Proteins

It’s made from the combination of citrus protein, vitamin B3 and B6, citrus protein 

Citrus proteins helps to unclog the pores on scalp which helps to increase the hair growth,

Vitamin B3 and B6 Niacin helps to bring oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicle which helps in blood curculation on the scalp which further leads to improved hair growth,

FAQ – why is there redness in my face after using garnier fructis aloe shampoo?

The chemicals like sulfate are harsh and that is the reason for redness on face,

My opinion and conclusion

As i said earlier this shampoo is for people with thin hair that wants to clarify their hair once in a week or once in two weeks, if you have thick hair you can wash it thrice in a week and your hair won’t get damaged, it is not clean very deeply but it cleans your hair well, and finally it is very affordable than the higher end products out there, if you ask me whether you would purchase it once again, i would say i didn’t loved to product but at the same time it’s not a bad product as well, it’s a 50-50 for me.

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