Can you flat iron Mannequin Hair?

Can you flat iron mannequin hair? Mannequin head comes with both synthetic and human hair and both are suitable for flat iron, which means you can practice flat ironing on both the hairs. most of the mannequin hairs can withstand heat of upto 400 degree fahrenheit and are suitable for both curling and flat iron, it’s actually a beginner friendly.

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How to flat iron mannequin hair?

Flat ironing the mennequin hair is pretty simple and easy, when you follow the below steps you can learn it within few minutes, however if you do any mistake there is a high risk of the hair being burnt,

So be careful and follow the steps along,

  • The first thing you need to do is comb the mannequin hair so that there is no static on it, make sure to brush out all the messes otherwise there is a chance for even more messups
  • Now here i recommend you to use HSI flat iron, but of course you can use any other flat irons like Revlon.
  • Apply a heat protector on the hair before starting, heat protectant helps to protect the hair from heat damage that is caused buy the flat irons,
  • Now brush the hair with a good hair detangling brush and make sure you have brushed every single part of the hair, and it is static free.
  • Now blow dry your hair, with a blow drier and brush the hair along with the blow drying process,
  • You can either start from the back or at the side,
  • Hold the hair facing it upside and take a small section of hair and clip the remaining section on top of the hair,
  • Keep the heat settings at medium temperature,
  • Now start from the root and go till the end of the hair, go smoothly and be gentle, don’t keep the flat iron for a long time on same place,
  • Now take another part of hair and clip the remaining sections, and repeat the same process for all sections of hair,
  • At last you can style the flat ironed hair with whatever style you want.