What Happens If You Put Activated Charcoal On Hair?

One girl had a doubt regarding charcoal, she contacted me one day and asked,

I have white hair. Will Charcoal conditioner miss color my hair? I answerd her in the chat and then decided to create a post for my followers,

Let’s come to the point,

The answer to her question is no, charcoal does not has the dyeing ability so i will not stick to your hair, even if it stick to your hair it can be washed away with shampoo, the one thing it can do is when charcoal is added with oil, it acts as a temporary hair color which can again washed away with shampoo.

Here is an experiment on using a coconut shell charcoal to dye the hair,

What are the uses of activated charcoal for hair:

  • The first thing that charcoal do is it removes all the buildups on scalp and removes all the dirts from your hair as mentioned above,
  • When all the buildups and dirts are removed from scalp, it makes way for the hair products to work better, you yourself can notice a difference between using a product on fresh hair and hair with dirt,
  • Buildups on your scalp may clog the pores and stop the water molecules getting in which leads to dry scalp, when charcoal removes the buildup i also helps the water molecules to enter inside your scalp and keep it moisturized,
  • Adds volume to the hair, these so called dirts and build ups makes your hair weigh down, charcoal removes it and makes your hair soft, shiny and bouncy,
  • When all this happens to your hair, it automatically helps in hair growth.


Source: https://www.naturallycurly.com/curlreading/curls/the-benefits-of-charcoal-for-your-hair