Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream Review

In this busy world we get very little time to manage our hair, managing frizz, getting defined curls, maintaining the hydration are the 3 irritating terms for us because they are very hard to achieve and maintain especially for the curly girls,

The main reason for the frizzy hair is heat styling, hair coloring and not hydrating it well,

All these things has to be addressed well otherwise there is even a chance for hairfall,

The biggest issue with the people is we have time to style our hair but not to maintain the hair, so any time consuming product would help a lot, today i came up with a review of moroccanoil intense curl cream which would do all the 3 major problems that are mentioned above, let’s dive into the review in detail,

Things to consider before buying moroccanoil intense curl cream

As mentioned earlier this curl cream makes your curls more defined and visible, and detangle the hair well leaving it hydrated for a long time,

This product is best suitable for the people with wavy, curly and coily hair, and if you’re not in this hair type, i won’t recommend you to use this, but i have heard from one of my friends with straight hair, when she use this cream it makes her hair look wavy,

This leave in conditioner is made with arganoil, polyquaternium, and tocopheryl acetate as a base ingredients,


  • It is free of sulfate, parabens and formaledehydes, sulfates are the ones that washes away the natural oil and causes irritation on scalp, since sulfates are not used in this cream, it is extremely safe for the sensitive scalp,
  • Fight frizz,
  • Helps to get defined curls,
  • Detangle your hair well,
  • Hydrate your hair and scalp,
  • Good scent smell,
  • Makes the curls healthy at the ends,
  • Little goes a long way,
  • Hold the curls for a whole day,


  • It weighs your hair down if you add a little extra,
  • Little pricey.

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How to use it:

  • Shampoo and condition your hair well,
  • Take a little amount of the cream and apply it on the damp hair,
  • Let the hair air dry, and that’s it.

Best alternative product:

Ouidad Curl Quencher Hydrafusion Intense Curl Cream

The best alternative for moroccanoil curl cream is ouidad, it is also made for the curlies that are suffering from dry, frizzy and unmanageable hair, it makes your curls more defined and makes it fuller,

The one difference between the both is moroccanoil can be used for wavy, curly and coily hair while the ouidad is specifically made for the curly hair,

The cost of this cream is little bit lower than the moroccanoil, if you are looking for a low cost product, you can choose this one,

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Is it worth the money:

Now we have seen all the benefits it does to our hair, it is really worth the money?, the answer is yes, it does exactly what it claims, it makes your hair more curlier, removes all the frizz from hair, i have seen the benefits and i hope you will also feel the same after using the product.

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