Moroccan Gold Series Treatment Mask Review

I was undergoing a severe dehydration issue on my hair and my hair become dry quickly, i have tried many products but few products did little to no effect and some were a complete mess, i heard about this moroccan gold series treatment mask through one of my facebook friend, i have tried lot of products and i felt why not, give this product a try, and i decided to buy it,

A few of my friends and relatives started asking me about how was the product, is it worth trying, well i was waiting for more than 2 months to reveal anything to them before i see any change or i fully explore the product,

When i was came to a conclusion about the product, i decided to tell them whether it is worth trying, also i wanted to share my review here with you friends,

Moroccan Gold Series Treatment Mask Review


This hair mask is made with moroccan argan oil as a base ingredient and many other ingredients like,

  • Hydrolyzed keratin,
  • Sheap butter,
  • Lactic acid,
  • Avocado oil,
  • Sunflower seed oil,
  • Rosemary leaf extract,
  • Olive oil,
  • Hydropropyl methyl cellulose,
  • Butylphenyl etc..

Other than the mentioned ingredients, few other chemicals are also used.

What is the purpose of this hair mask?

  • Moisturizes your hair and helps to protect your hair from dryness and breakage,
  • Seals the split ends and helps to restore the normal hair properties,
  • Makes your hair silky soft and healthy and makes it shine and glow.

These are all the main properties of moroccan gold series treatment mask.

How effective is this mask?

Speaking about the effectiveness, it worked great on my hair, it made my hair silky soft, and shine,

The shine last for a couple of days, and when my hair starts to become dull or when i feel my hair is dry again, i use this conditioner again, it is actually a deep conditioner, so you have to wash it, so don’t use this as a leave in conditioner.

Who should use?Who should not use?
people having serious hair damage, and dryness problem can use this hair maskPeople that have protein sensitive hair should avoid this, because this hair mask contain protein in it, for people having protein sensitive hair i have an article on how to treat them, and i have also made a list of protein free deep conditioner please check it.

Suitable hair types?

This hair mask is best suitable for the people with

  • Dry Hair
  • Wavy and curly hair
  • In strength it is suitable from fine to thick hair

How does it work?

The revitalizing formula used in this hair mask, makes the hair more manageable regaining the lost moisture and getting softness,

It enters deep into the hair strands and nourishes the hair well, which in return make the hair more strong,

The argan oil and keratin combine together and fight the hair that has been damaged by heat, chemical and color treatments, it rejuvenate the hair and increase the hair growth.

How often should you use this?

I use 2 times a week, but it really depends on your hair type and the other products that you use on your hair like heating iron, if you use products like this very often then you will need it more than twice.

Should i apply this in dry or wet hair?

It is better to use in the wet hair, since the consistency is thick, it touches all the parts of your hair when your apply it on the wet hair.

How to apply this mask?

  • Wash your hair first,
  • Apply the hair mask on the wet hair,
  • Gently massage it, make sure the mask covers all the area,
  • Leave it for 5 to 10 minutes,
  • Rinse it again with the water.

What i like about this product?

  • It is safe for the color treated hair,
  • consistency is very thick and little goes a long way,
  • Deep conditions the hair well,
  • Makes your hair easily manageable and eliminate all the frizz,
  • Works immediately the next day i used,
  • It is well packaged and comes in fab fit fun box,
  • It hydrates your hair well,
  • It smells amazing,
  • If you blow dry your hair often, this will make it easier and reduce the blow drying time,
  • Fortify and strengthens your hair strands,

What i don’t like about this product?

  • It is little pricey compared to the other products in the industry,
  • It does not comes sealed.

Final Thought

I have used this Moroccan Gold Series Treatment Mask and got a good result, this might work for you too, as i mentioned my facebook friend, it works well for her too, and it should also work for you, make sure to check all the mentioned points before you buy it, make your hair soft, shine, frizz and tame free, thanks fro reading.

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