how to treat protein sensitive hair?

protein has a deep relationship with hair, if your hair and protein are friends you may have healthy hair.

before entering the topic how to treat your protein sensitive hair we need to know what is protein sensitive.

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what actually is protein sensitive

most of us know protein is an essential ingredient when it comes to hair growth.

if your hair receives the necessary amount of protein it will be a healthy one,

so we somehow try to add protein to our diet or we try to feed protein in some other formats like using a shampoo that is rich in protein or by applying egg whites to our hair.

what is protein sensitive hair? protein sensitivity is when your hair overreacts in the presence of protein, and it becomes dry stiff and brittle and your hair will become more friendly to damage.

the overuse of protein can also make your hair dry and brittle and that doesn’t mean your hair is protein sensitive.

naturally, our hair is made of a protein called keratin which makes our hair healthy, and if you lack protein your hair may become more sensitive and you can experience hair fall problems.

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How to know whether your hair is protein sensitive?

Method 1

when you use hair products which has protein in it, after using it if your hair looks dry and brittle then there is a high chance, you may have protein sensitive hair.

Method 2

  • divide your hair into two parts
  • apply egg white to one part of your hair.
  • let your hair dry.
  • wash it and compare it with another part of your hair in which the egg is not applied.
  • if the egg applied part looks dry and brittle then it indicates that your hair is protein sensitive.

why does your hair become sensitive to protein?

overdose of anything may lead to problem and this is same for the protein also

some people may have the essential amount of proteins already and if they continuously add protein to their diet or hair their hair may become protein sensitive.

How to treat protein sensitive hair?

here is the important part of this article.

now you know your hair is protein sensitive and you also know the reason for that and now you need to know how to treat your protein sensitive hair.

you can not treat it over night it takes some time but not that much.

Here are some steps to overcome protein sensitive hair

Step 1: the first step you need to do is throwing out all the hair products that contain protein in it(not necessary to throw it, you may gift it to your friends LOL)

how to know if the products contain protein in it? it is hard to find the protein-rich products because there are different types of proteins which comes in different names,

here are the names of proteins

  • keratin
  • amino acids
  • rice protein
  • oat protein
  • soy protein
  • wheat protein
  • Collagen
  • Elastine
  • hydrolyzed silk
  • hydrolyzed milk proteins
  • non hydrolyzed plant proteins

if you find any of the above names in your hair care products, it may be moisturizers also avoid those products for a few months, this may help you relieve from protein sensitive hair.

step 2: apply conditioner to your hair and avoid it if it contains any of the proteins that are mentioned above.

step 3: rinse your hair with water

doing the above steps will relieve you from protein overdose in a few days but don’t do it aggressively.

Recommended deep conditioner

shea moisture protein free deep conditioner

here are the list of protein-free deep conditioners for protein sensitive hair.

shea moisture is one of the best-trusted brands and the above deep conditioner will remove the protein buildup on your hair and make it smooth and shine.

Balanced protein and moisture: only the balanced protein and moisture will give you the healthy hair so keep that in mind and try to balance those two.

Deep conditioning: deep condition your hair weekly and use the protein-free moisturizers to maintain moisture in your hair.

styling: while you are experiencing protein sensitivity problem don’t over style your hair, that may leave your hair to further damage.

avoid proteins in diet: avoid proteins in your diet also, the food items like milk, egg are rich in proteins so it is better to avoid them.

doing the above things will recover you from protein overdose and after that, you may feed proteins which are definitely needed for your hair to keep it strong and resilient.

this is how we treat the protein sensitive hair, we would love to hear your thoughts so let us know in the comments.

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