13 Scary causes of hair loss in teenage males and females with remedy

Hair loss at any age is annoying and irritating especially in the teenage for both males and females because their life isn’t started yet,

the causes for the hair loss in teens are almost the same as the young people who had crossed the teenage

before we speak about the remedy for this issue, let us know some of the reason that causes the hair to fall in teenage males and females

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causes of hair loss in teenage males and females

Normal hair fall

before coming to the conclusion that you are affected by hair loss problem, the first thing you need to know is

in an average, you may experience 50 to 100 hairs to fall off from your head, and that is not the hair loss issue and that is absolutely fine.

according to the American Academy of Family Physicians, each hair on your head grows 2 to 3 years approximately at the rate of 1 cm per month,

when the hair finish its growth cycle it falls off from your head and paves way for the new hair to grow,

so normally 50 to 100 hairs will shed from your head, and that doesn’t mean you are affected by hair loss.

this is common for all the people including the teenagers.

1) Stress

stress is the first and most important factor in hair loss and most of the teens are affected by the stress,

they are forced to study,

they are forced to get marks,

they are always forced to fight for the first place, due to which they get overstressed and it may even lead to the hair loss.

this stress may even make them mentally ill, and that is another topic and there is a lot to discuss the stress

2) Hair styling

hair styling is common in both males and females especially in teenage

the second and most important factor is some of the cosmetics that are used by the men can cause hair to fall as a side effect

some of the chemical agents that are used in the hairstyling process like bleaching, hair straightening, coloring may weaken the hair and leads to hair loss.

the iron rods that are used for the hair straightening and the blower that is used to dry your hair may also cause the hair to fall in both males and females but especially for females, this is the main factor because the blowers and straighteners are mostly used by the girls.

3) medicines

certain types of medications can generate overheat in your body and it may lead to the hair loss, however, this reason is not only for the teenagers this may cause hair loss in any people who take some medications which are not suitable for their body conditions.

this is a temporary hair loss, if your body cools down it may start to grow again.

4) Hormonal imbalances

teenage is the time period where all the boys and girls may experience hormone changes which cause hair loss.

it is medically said that,

the polycystic ovaries that are developed in teenage females may cause hair loss,

androgen imbalance in teenage males can cause hair loss.

5) Due to some medical illness

according to wikihow certain medical illness like uncontrolled diabetes,

an eating disorder like anorexia or bulimia will fail to gain the essential proteins, vitamins, and minerals that are essential for the hair growth

and lack of these minerals in the body may cause hair loss in teenagers.

teen athletes can suffer from iron deficiency anemia, anemia can cause hair loss.

6) Pulling your hair

teenagers have the habit of playing with everything especially with their hair, and this is more common in females than males.

stretching their hair may cause the hair to lose its strength and thus resulting in hair loss.

7) Genetical problems

mostly people suffering from hair loss may be due to their family history,

if your father, mother of your grandfather had hair loss or baldness issue then there is a chance that it might affect you also

not only boys suffer from genetic hair loss, it may affect girls too.

8) Alopecia Areata

alopecia areata is nothing but a skin disease which causes round-shaped bald patches on your head.

this disease is caused because of the immune system damages its own hair follicles and also it is called an autoimmune disorder,

sometimes you can see more than one bald patches, in case if you see such things, it is advised to consult your dermatologist

this is a curable disease and you can get your hair back within a year

but in some cases, you may even permanently lose your hair,

so go to the dermatologist immediately when you see the symptoms.

9) Androgenic Alopecia

androgenic alopecia is also called as “male” or “female” pattern baldness,

in this boys experience a hair loss of hairline receding from temples later forming “M” shape and your hair become thin at the crown of your head,

however in girls, the androgenetic alopecia is slightly different, for girls the hairline does not recede, but the hair gets thin all over the head.

not only the adults are affected by this disease, but the teenage boys and girls are also affected by Androgenetic alopecia.

Causes of male pattern baldness

in men, the cause for the male pattern baldness is related to some of the medical conditions like

  • high blood pressure
  • diabetes
  • obesity
  • prostate cancer
  • enlargement of prostate
  • coronary heart disease

causes of female pattern baldness

in females, the female pattern baldness can be because of

  • polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

10) combing the wet hair

you may think, is this a big cause of hair fall, but when you take bath the hair root becomes weak,

if you comb your hair at that time there is a high chance of hair fall

I usually do this mistake often, I comb my hair immediately after bathing to set my regular hairstyle but doing it will cause your hair to recede.

11) Steroids

nowadays people started choosing quick and the easy way to attain something easily, however anything you get easily may give some bad experience for you.

teenagers use steroids to gain muscles quickly and because of that they might experience the side effects like hair loss,

it may even go further and there is a chance of kidney failure by using these kinds of steroids to gain muscles.

12) Trichotillomania

trichotillomania is a psychological disorder in which children pull their hair from their head, eyebrows or even eyelashes.

due to this, they experience hair loss.

the children at the age of 9 and 13 are affected by this disorder.

13) Traction alopecia

according to Wikipedia traction alopecia is a form of alopecia in which the hair fall occurs due to applying the pulling force to their hair in the name of the hairstyle

teenage girls experience this type of hair fall when they wear a tight ponytail, pigtails, braids

Remedy for the hair loss in teenage boys and girls

some of the remedies are,

Reducing stress

overcoming stress may save you from many health and mind related problems, and that includes the hair fall problems also

in teenagers, stress is the main factors that affect the health of them, in this case, their parents need to take care on them, and make sure you do not force them to study or chasing the first place.

allowing them to play for at least 2 hours a day may make them to relieve from stress.

consulting dermatologist

the hair fall problem includes some medical issues also, so if you see over hair fall, immediately consult a dermatologist

Avoid tight hairstyles

avoid tight hairstyles like ponytails and adopt the hairstyle which best suits your hair

Avoid steroids

avoid steroids that cause damage not only to your hair but to the whole you.

any quick way of attaining anything may leave you in trouble.

styling the wet hair

styling or combing the wet hair will damage it so don’t do that.

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