how to stop hair fall immediately and regrow naturally

hair is an essential part of the body and it enhances the beauty of your face, but these days most of the people are suffering from hair fall problems a study says 2 in 10 people suffer from hair fall problem

the sad thing is most of the men get bald before their marriage, it may sound funny but it is a huge issue among the youngsters.

how to stop hair fall immediately? it is not possible to stop the hair fall immediately, but by taking some easy steps it is possible to reduce the hair fall and you could see the result very quick, the steps are below,

here are few steps to stop hair fall immediately

before thinking about how to stop the hair fall, we need to think about what are the reasons that could cause the hair to fall

here are some common reasons for the hair fall

  1. stress is the first factor that causes the hair to fall
  2. overheat in your body
  3. some medications can cause hair fall
  4. smoking
  5. some sorts of cosmetics can cause the hair to fall
  6. heredity

1) how to stop the hair fall that is caused because of stress

this is the most common situation in most of the people that causes the hair to fall

stress is also the reason for most of the health issues however that is another topic

if your stress is because of the workload then just take a few days to leave and explore the outside world with your family or even with your friends.

if your stress is because of your family problems then leave everything and go for a long drive in your car but the bike will be awesome for the ride

when your stress is away from you, you can see a drastic change in your hair fall within a few weeks, you could even see the hair started growing.

2) overheat in your body can cause the hair to fall

this type of hair fall problem is mostly experienced by the people working full time in front of a computer, however sitting in front of a computer is not the problem but sitting for the whole day is the problem

what you can do to stop the hair fall takes oil massage twice a week for 3 weeks and once a week after that.

taking oil bath will cool you down and it even stops your hair fall,

you can see a major change within a week or two.

3) how to stop hair fall caused because of medications

some medications that are taken for treatments like cancer, depression, blood pressure, arthritis, and gout can cause side effects and cause your hair to fall.

try to avoid the medications that cause hair fall, mostly try to be away from the medications.

4) hair fall because of smoking

smoking is common in these days and smoking is the other factor that causes the hair to fall to get rid of smoking because it doesn’t only causes hair fall as you know already it also leads to deadly diseases like cancer and TB

5) hair fall due to the usage of cosmetics

people are addicted to the style nowadays, they need to present themselves to the public as a hero so they use some sorts of hair cream which cause the side effect “hair fall”

avoid those beautifying agents and love the natural look.

6) hair fall due to heredity

hair fall is also caused because of your family conditions, if your father or grandfather had bald then there is most of the chance for you to get the same issue,

in this condition, you can’t do anything

10 natural ways to regrow your lost hair

doing these things can help your lost hair to regrow

  1. Massage your hair regularly
  2. nail rubbing exercise (balayam yoga)
  3. use coconut oil daily
  4. use onion
  5. use lemon to strengthen your hair
  6. Rosemary oil
  7. oil bath with castor oil
  8. take vitamin c rich foods
  9. sleep well
  10. wash your hair only when necessary

1) massage your hair regularly

a full-body massage can relieve you from most of your body problems likewise,

massaging your head nourishes the hair follicle and regulate the blood flow in your head which help the fallen hair to grow.

massage your head twice a day to see the best result.

2) nail rubbing exercise (balayam yoga)

nail rubbing exercise is one of the effective ways to regrow your lost hair,

this is a yoga which is named as balayam yoga

Related image
nail rubbing exercise

how to do balayam yoga?

step 1 – fold both of your palms inwards and keep the nails of your fingers close to each other

step 2 – rub your fingernails against each other from top to bottom vigorously

step 3 – repeat the steps 4 to 5 times a day for effective result

3) use coconut oil daily

coconut oil contains fatty acids which penetrate inside the hair shaft that help the protein loss in your hair

apply the coconut oil to your hair daily and do a gentle massage for 4 to 5 minutes

there is more chance for your lost hair to regrow.

4) use onion before bath

onion juice can help to promote your hair growth, it also helps to circulate your blood which boosts the hair to regrow.

juice the onion and apply it on your head (the juice should reach your head not only the hair)

leave it for 15 minutes and wash your hair with the shampoo

5) use lemon to strengthen your hair

the steps re same as I mentioned for the onion, extract the lemon juice and apply it on your head,

keep it for 15 minutes and then wash your hair,

lemon also helps for the blood circulation and boost hair growth.

6) rosemary oil

rosemary oil helps stimulates the new hair growth

mix a few drops of rosemary oil with the coconut oil or any other oils that you use regularly for your massage, don’t use the rosemary oil directly onto your scalp

do massage your scalp before your bath, and clean it with the shampoo.

7) take oil bath with castor oil

castor oil is the best-recommended one for the massage

massage your scalp well with castor oil and take a bath, as castor oil help to cool down your body it helps the hair to regrow.

8) take vitamin c rich foods

taking vitamin c rich foods can help in hair growth

take the vitamin c rich foods like amla which help you get your hair back.

9) sleep well

good regular sleep will keep you out of many problems, one of those problems is hair fall.

sleep 7 to 8 hours a day, mostly don’t wake till midnight.

10) wash your hair only when necessary

don’t wash your hair daily because washing your hair daily will wash your weak hair follicles out of your head so wash it only thrice a week or less than that.

don’t use the heavy shampoo that contains a high amount of chemicals in it.


take the above tips to your mind and use it whenever necessary and have a hair fall free life.

source: Healthline

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