hair growth rate by age, how much longer does it grow in a month

hair is the one thing that adds beauty not only to your face but to the whole you, and that is why the hair is added to the beauty list and even many hair care products are being sold online and offline.

how long does your hair grow in a month? According to Healthline, The growth of your hair depends on a few things such as your age, hair type and your overall body health,

however in general hair grows 1/2 inch a month, that is 6 inches a year according to The American Academy of Dermatology 

the one factor that affects the hair growth is age,

hair growth rate changes by age

in your early stages, the growth of your hair will be 1/2 inch a month but when you get old it may slightly change to 1/4 inch a month, this is because when you get old the intake of keratin level to your body may slightly reduce.

Different factors that affect hair growth

eventhough age affect the hair growth a little bit there are also other reasons, below are those

  • pregnancy is the one thing that affect the hair growth
  • diabetes may also be the reason for your hair to grow slow
  • lack of keratin is the another reason
  • stress is the main factor that affects the hair growth, stress is the main reason for hair fall and also it affects the hair growth.

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