Should I wash my hair every day if I have dandruff

dandruff is one of the main reason for the hair fall, and one of the main reason for the dandruff is overheat in your body.

even though there are many products available in the market to reduce dandruff, they are not effective at all because they only wash dandruff away from your head, however, that is another topic.

most of the people have this doubt when they have dandruff,

should I wash my hair every day if I have dandruff? the answer is yes, you need to wash your hair often to remove the dead cells from your head which causes itching and lead to hair fall, however using shampoo daily may lead to hair fall and it thin your hair, use a mild shampoo instead of using the chemical-filled shampoo and there are some natural remedies available use that.

the next question that comes to your mind is,

should I use dandruff shampoo every day?

it is advised to use shampoo 4 times a week or less than that but having dandruff will not allow you to stick to the 4 times a week schedule.

it causes irritation and itching in your scalp, so you have to shampoo your hair daily.

but the dandruff shampoos contain some strong chemicals which wash away dandruff but lead to the hair fall problem,

here is the answer for how often to use dandruff shampoo? use the dandruff shampoo once in two days and for the remaining days use the natural treatments like aloe vera gel, onion juice, lemon juice, or garlic paste apply any of these juices and wash your hair with water.

the above mentioned natural remedies do the same thing as the shampoo does but in a natural way.

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