Amazing benefits of ginger for hair growth!

Ginger has some amazing medical benefits, it is mainly used for the digestion purposes and they are easily available in all kitchens.

What if I say ginger can help Reduce hair fall and it can stimulate the hair growth,

Yes, it can help for the regrowth of your hair.

Ginger contains some of the minerals like potassium, magnesium, phosphorus which helps to stimulate the hair follicles and helps to promote the hair growth.

Benefits of ginger for hair

1) Get rid of dandruff

Dandruff is really annoying, it creates problems like itchiness which leads to severe ounds on your scalp,

Dandruff will occupy your scalp if you don’t wash it once in two days for some people it needs to be washed daily in order to prevent your scalp from itchiness,

Surprisingly one of the best quality of ginger is it can cure dandruff!

Ginger has an anti bacterial abilities which helps to cure the scalp infections and clear away all the dandruff from your scalp and make it clean and tidy which helps to reduce the hair loss which is caused due to the dandruff.

The giner recipe for hair is given below.

2) Improves the blood circulation

The gingerol(bio active compound) present in ginger helps to improve the blood circulation on scalp that nourishes the hair follicles,

When the blood flow to the scalp is in improved the hair follicles become healthy which results in faster and better hair growth.

3) Reduce stress

Ginger has vitamin C in it which is a powerful anti oxidant that helps protect against oxidative stress caused by the free radicals, vitamin C helps to absorb iron and the above mentioned minerals which is necessary for the hair growth and helps to even regain your hair. (Source)

4) Promotes hair growth with fatty acids

Ginger contains fatty acids like linoleic acids which nourishes your hair and makes it healthy and strong. (Source)

Ginger hair growth stimulation recipe

With the above mentioned benefits ginger becomes very friendly for the hair growth,

Ginger can be combined with other ingredients to make it much more beneficial,

You can make these hair masks at your home.

Here are the recipes,

1) Ginger and castor oil

Castor oil has a very good capacity to strengthen the hair, also it helps to reduce the heat in your scalp,

Heat 2 table spoons of castor oil and mix 1 table spoon of ginger,

Mix it well and apply on your head,

Leave it for 20 to 30 minutes,

Wash with a mild shampoo,

You will see a noticeable difference.

2) Ginger and garlic

Garlic has anti microbial properties that kills the germs that are causing damage to the scalp and affecting the hair growth,

  1. Mix the paste of ginger and garlic,
  2. Add the mix to the coconut oil or any other carrier oil,
  3. Heat the mix,
  4. Apply it on your scalp,
  5. Leave it for 30 minutes,
  6. Wash it with shampoo.

You will definitely see the difference after using this mix, you can also take a photo of your scalp before you use it,

And compare the difference after two to three months of regular use.

3) Ginger and onion juice

Sulphur rich in onion acts as a nourishing agent for hair and help to promote hair growth,

  1. Extract the onion juice and ginger paste,
  2. Mix them together and make it a paste,
  3. Apply on your svalp, make sure to cover all the regions,
  4. Leave it for 30 minutes,
  5. Wash it with shampoo

Onion juice is also a best treatment for dandruff, you can use it separately as well.


Can we apply ginger juice to hair daily?

Ginger can cause irritation to your scalp if you use it daily, so it is advised to use it 2 to 3 times a week.

Can we apply ginger juice to hair overnight?

Yes you can leave it overnight, but if you have sensitive scalp you may experience irritation and if you are one among them leave it just for 30 minutes, it is enough.

If your skin is more sensitive, do not use ginger, anyways doing a test before using it will help you.

Can ginger change hair color?

Ginger is not bad for gray hair,

Sometimes the powdered ginger products available online may contain some coloring agents which may leave some yellow tint on light hair,

Ginger may not be suitable for every people and of you are a one, it may react with melanin and may cause gray hair, but this is very rare case.

How long can i leave ginger on my hair?

It is advised to leave it 20 to 30 minutes on your hair

Can i rub ginger on my hair?

Yes you can crush the ginger and can apply the raw ginger on your hair, you can also mix it with the other ingredients as mentioned above.


Ginger can be used in an effective way for the hair growth, do not over use it and if you have sensitive scalp it is better to avoid it.

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