how to use dermaroller for hair?

what else is left that we haven’t tried to gain back or regrow our lost hair?

most of the people lose their confidence because of their baldness.

in this article, we are going to discuss how to use derma roller for hair loss and can derma roller regrow the lost hair?

does it really help in hair regrowth?

does it have any side effects and almost every question that you have regarding the derma roller?

spend some time to read the whole article.

What is a derma roller?

before we see how to use derma roller we need to know what is a derma roller,

of course, people came here to read this article because of they know about derma roller but there are also people who came here by seeing the word hair loss,

Derma roller is a manually operated device with a cylindrical roller with micro needles in it.

when this derma roller is rolled over your scalp it makes a tiny pinprick in the skin the pricks penetrate into the dermal layer and stimulate the growth of new cells and regulate the blood circulation without any damage or pain.

this process helps to regrow your lost hair back,

this process is also called as micro-needling.

this derma roller is not only used for the hair growth, but it is also used on the face and body to repair the damaged skin.

however this post is about using the derma roller for the hair loss, so let us stick to the topic.

what size of a derma roller to for hair regrowth

choosing the needle size of the derma roller for micro-needling depend on how often you would like to use it in a week or a month.

choosing the needle size also depend on how much pain you would bear, because when you increase the size of the needle remember you are also increasing the pain that this process creates.

derma rollers are available from 0.2 mm to as high as 2mm.

0.25 mm derma roller

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in general most of the people use derma roller of size 0.25 mm and we also highly recommend that size.

prosper beauty derma roller

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a general recommendation to choose the size is 0.5mm to 1.5mm don’t choose the needle size beyond that because it might cause damage to your scalp rather than reproducing hair.

choosing the derma roller size also depend on how often you use it

  • if you want to use the derma roller every day then choose the needle of 0.2mm or 0.3mm
  • if you want to use it 2 to 3 times a week then choose the needle size of 0.5mm
  • if you want to use it once in a week then choose the needle size of 1mm

you can use up to the size of 1.5mm for your scalp but choosing the size as mentioned above will be safer.

does micro-needling (derma rolling) really work?

to test whether the micro-needling work the scientists from us national library of medicine conducted an experiment.

the scientists took two groups of mice and they tested how does the micro-needling work.

they split the mice into two groups and they shaved the hair on the back of them.

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in the group A scientists used derma roller for 10 cycles with a set of different sizes of needles.

in group B they took only one needle of 0.5mm and here the difference was the number of cycles as shown in the above picture.

in group A after 10 cycles in 3 weeks of micro-needling stimulation 0.25mm and 0.5mm needle seemed to be working better than the other needles.

when 0.5mm needle is tested for 3 cycles 6 cycles, 10 cycles and 13 cycles the 10 cycles seems to be stimulating more hair growth than the other ones.

it is proved that the micro-needling(derma rolling) works and it stimulates the hair growth.

how to use a derma roller

you can use derma roller in two ways

  1. derma roller with minoxidil
  2. derma roller without minoxidil

1) Derma roller with minoxidil

is a hair product that is used to revive the inactive hair follicle and helps to regrow the hair.

the pricks created by the derma roller will be closed in 30 minutes so it is better to apply the minoxidil as soon as you use the derma roller.

the pricks created by the derma roller on the scalp helps the minoxidil to go inside the scalp and prevent the hair fall.

it is proved that the minoxidil used after the derma rolling works fast and better than the minoxidil used without derma rolling because the pricks absorb the minoxidil faster.

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hair regorwth minoxidil

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don’t use the minoxidil with the higher needle derma roller because the minoxidil goes straight away to the scalp tissues.

this can cause increased heart rate which is very dangerous for the people suffering from heart problems.

so it is advised to use the needle size of 0.5mm if you use minoxidil.

2) Derma roller without minoxidil

using derma roller without minoxidil has no problem in choosing the needle size.

so use the timeline for the different sizes of needles as mentioned above in this article.

the derma roller creates small wounds and generates a wound healing process which stimulates the production of protein which helps for the hair growth.

directions to use

you can use the derma roller in both wet and dry hair.

make sure you clean the derma roller before you use it on your scalp.

place the derma roller at the front of your head and roll it from front to back,

now roll it from side to side, and then diagonally.

make sure you cover your whole head for the effective result.

side effects of using a derma roller

using derma roller can cause redness and itching to your scalp at the beginning, but it may disappear after two or three weeks when you start using it regularly.

other than this you will not see any other side effects.

Some of the frequently asked questions regarding derma roller

are derma roller safe to use

the derma rollers are completely safe other than some people might experience redness and itchy scalp and that too just for a few days.

will derma roller tighten skin

derma roller is also used to repair the damaged skin and the regular use of it may tighten your skin also.

can I share my derma roller with others

strictly avoid sharing your derma roller with anyone, it may cause infections to your scalp.

when should I replace my derma roller

after 20 uses the needles of the derma roller may become blunt so it is better to replace it after 20 uses.

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  1. As henna is a natural product it is safe to use derma roller along with it, however don’t use it for one or two days after you color your hair with henna,
    However it is adviced to use derma roller in a naked scalp

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