3 Best oil for hair with split ends

Split ends often lead to hair cut,

do we like hair cut?

not at all.

then what is the solution for split ends?

our hair is being damaged due to lots of reasons like pollution, washing your hair more often, using chemical-filled products, hair straighteners, curling irons, etc..

there few ways to get rid of split ends without cutting it, one of those is using hair oils that will help to get rid of split ends, in this article we have gathered the best oils for you,

Best oil for split ends

Pantene Hair Oil Treatment Serum, Pro-V Lightweight Nourishing Split End Repair

this product has an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 on Amazon with 293 customer reviews, over 78% of the people loved its performance and rated it 5 stars which show it is a trusted product.

pantene is one of the leading brands in the hair products industry and the had provided the best products so far.

now coming to this hair oil,

this nutrient-rich serum nourishes the hair well and helps to get rid of any damages and split ends that are caused due to exposure to the pollution and usage of other chemical products.

you can use this hair oil before styling your hair to seal the conditioner to avoid split ends.

make sure to apply it deep inside your hair and style your hair as usual and do not rinse it.

  • it nourishes your hair well,nit helps to get rid of split ends, you can see the difference immediately after the first usage,nit also conditions the hair well and locks the moisture,npantene is a trustable brand.
  • noticeably none.

Majestic Pure Coconut Oil Hair Mask for split ends

coconut oil is one of the gods gift to the man,

yes, it is definitely a god’s gift, it has a lot of special characteristics which helps to keep your hair hydrated when you use it regularly.

we wrote an article recently on different types of coconut oil hair mask that you can di it at home, read it here.

the coconut oil is rich in vitamin e and fatty acids help to hydrate your hair and get rid of dry and damaged hair.

  • helps to get rid of dry, damaged, and split ends of your hair,nsuitable for all types of hair,nnourishes your hair well,ncan be used in both dry and wet hair,nregular usage can also prevent your hair from hair fall problems,nrich in vitamin e and fatty acids helps to retain water in your hair.
  • as it is friendly to all age groups from child to adults, noticeably no cons.

Castor Oil (2oz) USDA Certified Organic, 100% Pure, Cold-Pressed.

There is nothing to speak about the castor oil, we have already discussed a lot about the castor oil in this blog.

one of their best benefits is curing the split ends, split ends are caused due to pollution, stress and overheat in our body, castor oil helps to get rid of all those problems when used on your hair.

the cooling nature of the castor oil solves many problems, it is not only used for hair it can also be used for your whole body to prevent your body from heat.

this particular brand has 4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon with more than 4400 customer reviews, 75% of the users rated it 5 stars which shows the trustability of this brand.

as their claim, this oil is specially made for the growth of the eyelashes but it also helps to get rid of the split ends.

it is being amazon’s choice for its wonderful performance.

castor oil acts as a moisturizer and helps to maintain the moisture inside your hair which helps to nourish your hair.

the moisturizing capacity of the castor oil seals the moisture and makes your hair ends less dry and that leads to less breakage.

you can mix this with your regular oil or coconut oil and castor oil will be the best combo, mix them together and use it regularly, apply it on the split ends in order to see a good difference.

  • moisturizes your hair well,nhelps to get rid of split ends,nhelps to get rid of heat from your scalp and body,ngives glow to your hair,nfully natural,nmakes your hair soft and shiny,nhelps in regrowth of your hair.
  • there are no cons other than it is sticky so some people feel uneasy to use it.


split ends are annoying, but there is no need to trim your hair to get rid of it, there are some home remedy to get rid of it, and using the right oil is one of those ways and we have listed the best oil for split ends, apply these oils regularly and you will definitely see a noticeable difference.

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