3 Best detangler for matted African American hair

Detangling the normal hair is very hard to achieve, and when it comes to Matted African American hair it is definitely going to be like separating milk from the water,

yes, it is going to be that tough, it is very hard to detangle the severely matted black hair,

but doing some right things like choosing the right detangling brush and right detangler could save you some time.

We have a list of best detangling brush for 4c hair you can read it,

we have gone through lots and lots of reviews of the products and contacted the regular users of the detangler to give you the list of best detangler for matted African American hair,

here is the list,

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Best detangler for matted African American hair

Shea Moisture Baobab & Tea Tree Oils Low Porosity Protein Free Leave-In Detangler

shea moisture detangler

The first and the best detangler in our list is shea moisture leave-in detangler,

as the title indicates it is best suitable for the people suffering from protein sensitive hair problems, but it is also suitable for the people without the above-mentioned issue.

if you are not sure about what is protein sensitive hair, read this article.

now coming to the detangler,

this product from shea moisture has got an average rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 with 223 customer review,

73% of the people rated it 5 stars which clearly indicates most of the people liked this product and it may be not working for the other people because of their hair tyes, it is best suitable for the Matted African American hair

this leave-in detangler detangles all the knots from your hair and leaves your hair very smooth, soft and shiny.

as I mentioned already the matted hairs are very tough to manage but this detangler will make the condition easier.

usually, low porosity hairs take time to absorb any hair products because it has fewer openings and this product is specially made for those types of hairs and it makes the process quicker and it helps to detangle the hair easily.

user opinion

one of the users says this product is magic in a bottle, I have matted afro hair which is very hard to detangle and this product saved my time and money because I have tried many products and this worked the best,

if you have 4c hair then I highly recommend this product for you.

  • the price is very cheap, so it is easily affordable,nbest suitable for the low porosity, afro hair,ndetangles the african american hair very easily,nmakes your hair super soft and shiny,nit gives enough slip to detangle the knots,nit acts as both leave in conditioner and detangler,nno hair breakage issue,nit has an awesome scent,nit porvides long lasting moisture to your hair, that too without any surface buildup,nmore than Afro, it is suitable for all types of hairs.
  • noticeably nothing

Aunt Jackie’s Knot On My Watch, Instant Leave-in Detangling Therapy

knot on my watch detangler for afro hair

This detangler from Aunt Jackie has an average rating of 4.2 stars out 5 with 250 customer ratings, nearly 70% of the people rated it 5 stars, it means the product is doing its job well.

this product is free from harsh chemicals like sulfate and paraben which is an extra added benefit.

it helps to eliminate the tangles in the coils of African American hair and makes your hair silky smooth.

the shea butter and olive oil ingredients help to store the moisture in your hair and which makes the comb to glide through the hard to manage hairs without any breakage.

user opinion

one of the users says at first I had no hope,

my hair is very thick 4c type and it knots up so bad, I thought I was going to cut off lot of my hairs and I was worried about it, and while searching for a detangler I thought I would give it a final try and to my surprise it detangled all of my knots and I’m happy now because it saved my hair.

another user says I gave it 1 star for this product at first when I used it on my wet hair, but when I used it on my dry hair and works the best and it has become my all-time favorite and I’m giving it 5 stars, make sure to use it on dry hair.

  • the price is very cheap,nit smells great,nit is best suitable for the matted african american hair,nit detangles each and every knots,nsome people says it works well on both dry and wet hair,nit detangle your matted hair instantly,nit moisturizes the hair well.
  • some people has complaint on the package.

Honest Conditioning Detangler, Sweet Orange Vanilla

honest conditioning detangler

This is the cheapest detangler of all the mentioned ones,

this has a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 with 663 average customer reviews, 68% of its users gave it 5 stars for its wonderful performance.

this matted hair detangler comes in a spray type which is very easy to use and handle, there is no chance of messing up in your hands.

this product is made by blending argan oil, shea butter, jojoba proteins, and quinoa extract that naturally nourishes and softens your hair which also helps to detangle the hair easily.

this detangler is not only suitable for matted African American hair, but it is also suitable for all hair types.

this detangler is free from harsh chemicals like sulfates, parabens, silicones, synthetic fragrances, and many other chemicals.

they use behentrimonium chloride which prevents your hair from static and helps to keep it away from bacteria and algae.

users opinion

one user says I am an African American female with extremely curly hair, this detangle not only detangle my matted hair, but it also straightens out my kinkiness and makes my hair soft, I will always have this in hand.

another user says we are African American we bought this product for our 15 months old baby, it works fine as of now, but the smell was not so good apart from that it is a good one to use.

  • the price is very cheap,ndetangles your matted hair well,nmakes your hair soft and shiny,nfree of harsh chemicals like sulfate and paraben.
  • the smell was not good.


the detanglers work best on the wet hair, so it is advised to use it on the wet hair, the above-listed detanglers are the best ones for the matted African American hairs, you can use it without any doubt,

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