7 Coconut oil hair mask for healthy hair – how to do DIY at home?

We have been using coconut oil and coconut oil hair mask since our childhood, we know it is good for our hair but we don’t know exactly in what way it helps.

if you are here to know the benefits of coconut oil hair mask, you are in the right place,

we are not gonna stop there,

we have made a how-to guide on making coconut oil hair mask at home, stay tuned let’s start now.

Benefits of coconut oil hair mask.

there is a study, in which coconut oil, mineral oil and sunflower oil are chosen for the hair test,

sunflower oil and mineral oil are most widely used in the hair care products which is why it is chosen for the test.

various technical tests were made with all the three oils, and the study proved that the coconut oil helped the hair in loss of protein for the both damaged and not damaged hairs, while the other two oils didn’t help at all,

it is proved that coconut oil helps your hair to hold its protein.

Now let’s get into our main topic,

how to do coconut oil hair mask at home

Here it is,

7 coconut oil hair masks

1) Avocado and Coconut oil hair mask

Avocado is best for the dry and damaged hair and coconut oil is also good for treating the dry and damaged hair so this hair mask will hydrate your dry and damaged hair and give your hair a healthy look.

things you will need

  • 1 Avocado
  • Coconut oil
  • spoon
  • bowl
  • smasher

how to do it?

  1. cut the avocado and scoop out the flesh into a bowl,
  2. take the smasher and smash the avocado,
  3. add coconut oil to it,
  4. smash both the mix until you get a fine paste,
  5. apply the avocado and coconut oil mix to your hair,
  6. wear a cap,
  7. leave it overnight,
  8. wash your hair with shampoo on the next day,
  9. apply conditioner to your hair.

2) Castor oil and coconut oil hair mask

As we already know castor oil for its cooling nature, it cools your scalp and it helps to stay away from dandruff once used regularly,

combining coconut oil with castor oil will give life to your dry and dead hairs

things you will need

  • castor oil
  • coconut oil

how to do it?

  1. drop a little amount of castor oil in your palm,
  2. apply it on your scalp and head and make sure it reaches each and every part of your hair,
  3. massage it gently with your fingers,
  4. now take a little amount of coconut oil and apply it over the castor oil,
  5. make sure it reaches all the parts as mentioned for the castor oil,
  6. cover your hair with a cap,
  7. leave it overnight,
  8. wash it the next day with shampoo.

3) Aloe vera and coconut oil hair mask

Aloe vera is used to cure both medical and beauty problems, it is being in use for more than decades and its medical and beauty remedies are countless,

it is also used for hair, aloe vera and coconut oil is the best combo, let’s see how to do it.

Things you will need

  • aloe vera
  • coconut oil
  • knife
  • bowl

how to do it?

  1. take aloe vera and cut out the aloe vera gel from its skin,
  2. remove all the gelly parts with a knife and put it into the bowl,
  3. add a little amount of coconut oil,
  4. mix it well,
  5. apply it on your hair, cover your whole scalp,
  6. wear a cap,
  7. wash it with shampoo on the next day.

4) coconut oil and egg hair mask

The egg is rich in protein and as we discussed above coconut oil is also best for holding the protein that is present in your hair, so combining these two will make your hair stronger and shinier.

if your hair is protein sensitive, you can skip this method,

if you are not sure whether your hair is protein sensitive read this article (how to treat protein sensitive hair)

things you will need

  • coconut oil
  • full egg
  • bowl

how to do it?

  1. break the egg into the bowl,
  2. add some amount of coconut oil,
  3. stir it well with a stirrer,
  4. apply it to your hair,
  5. wash it with shampoo,
  6. you will get shiny and bouncy hair.

5) Apple cider vinegar and coconut oil hair mask

Apple cider vinegar is rich in fatty acids and it helps to cure dandruff, dry and itchy scalp, acne and infections on the scalp when it is combined with the coconut oil the combined hair mask acts as a moisturizer for your hair.

things you will need

  • 1 tbsp coconut oil
  • 2 tbsp Apple cider vinegar
  • 1 tbsp of water

how to do it

  • mix coconut oil, apple cider vinegar and water into a bowl,
  • apply it on your hair,
  • leave it for a few hours,
  • wash it with shampoo.

6) coconut oil and honey hair mask

honey is used to seal moisture in your hair, and it helps hair to be hydrated the whole day,

it strengthens the hair follicle.

since it seals the moisture inside the hair, the breakage will be reduced and your hair will be conditioned.

things you will need

  • 1 tbsp raw honey
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil
  • bowl
  • spoon for mixing
  • shower cap

how to do it

  1. dro the honey and the coconut oil into the bowl,
  2. mix it well with the spoon,
  3. apply it on your hair from top to bottom,
  4. wear the shower cap,
  5. go to bed,
  6. wash it the next morning.

7) Raw coconut oil hair mask

using the raw coconut oil itself is the best hair treatment that you can provide for your hair,

coconut oil protects your hair from becoming dry and getting damaged because of the hairstyling products that we use for our hair.

things you will need

  • raw coconut oil

how to do it

  1. apply the raw coconut oil to your hair,
  2. there is no need to wash it,
  3. you can use it before or after a shower, it works best in both the cases.


The above-listed coconut oil hair masks are the best ones, instead of using the chemical-filled hair masks that are available online, use these naturally made products and you will see a big change in your hair,

try it yourself at home and leave your reviews in the comments below.

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