Can You Mix Different Conditioners Together?

I have used a lots of conditioners in my 29 years of life, sometimes when a bottle of conditioner comes to an end and when it can not fill my whole wash, i need to throw it away, i’m a kind of person who doesn’t like wasting things, which leads to a weird thought, can i mix different conditioners together,

Not only me, you too had that same thought and that is why you are here,

Even though i had this thought i have not done it, since i don’t want to risk my hair,

At last i thought of making an end to wasting the conditioners, so i decided to do it, in this article i will explain you what i did exactly, and what are all the things i considered before mixing it, what is the chance of success and failure, everything, and at the end of this post you will have an idea whether to do it or not,

Can you mix conditioners together? Every conditioners are made with different ingredients, chemicals that are tested by the technicians and are certified to be used by the human, few were tested on animals too before the human usage, when you mix different conditioners together there is a chance of chemical imbalance, may be if two different chemicals that can not used together are mixed, there is a chance of them reacting in a wrong way, there is also a high chance of increasing or decreasing the pH level of the mixed ingredients which can ruin your hair, so it is better to not mix them together.

After having all thoughts in mind, i decided to mix it,

Reducing the risk level

In this section i will tell you, which combination of the deep conditioners can be mixed together so that it doesn’t cause much impact on hair,

1) Mixing the conditioners that already worked for you

I have used a lot of conditioners as i mentioned already, the few that i used are cantu, obia naturals, Aussie, ORS, Tgin, these are the few that i have used already and works fine on my hair,

Since i know these products works well on my hair, i can mix any of these together, it doesn’t mean it will work with these combinations, but the risk factor is reduced compared to the ones that you never used already

2) Mix them just before you apply

When you wanna mix two or more conditioners together, do not mix them in advance, mix it just before you apply it on your hair,

When you mix them in advance there is a high chance of chemical imbalance, on the other side if you mix them the moment before you apply it, you can wash it before it reacts.

3) Apply the conditioners separately

This is the best method that i would recommend it to you,

Separately means, i know that was the question that striking your mind now,

It means, divide your hair into different groups for the different types of conditioners that you have, instead of mixing them apply them separately to the divided hair,

Leave it for few minutes, rinse it,

You have not mixed it so the risk factor is very low that the other methods,

The only downside of this method is, textures and the softness can differ based on how all the conditioners worked when they were separate,

Now lets see what you should not do

  • Don’t mix the two in one shampoo and conditioner with the just conditioner, because the purpose of them different,
  • Don’t mix conditioners that are made for two different hair types, this might not happen in most of the cases because you would know your hair type and you would have chosen the products that is specifically made for your hair type, but this should be kept on your mind before mixing it,
  • Try not to mix the chemical based conditioner with the 100% natural conditioner

How i mixed it?

Note: The conditioners that i mixed up doesn’t have silicone in any of them, they are silicone free, note your conditioner for the ingredients before you do it.

I mixed 5 conditioners together, i have used all of them before separately, so i had hope that this will not go wrong,

I applied it on my hair, and rinsed it quickly than i would with the normal conditioner, luckily nothing wrong happened like hair fall,

The next time i kept as i usually do for the normal conditioner, and nothing bad happened this time too,

As i mentioned earlier i mixed them the moment before i used it, and i started to do it again and again, luckily so far nothing happened, no chemical reactions happened with my combo,

But i would not recommend it to you, since there is risk in it, think of serious hair fall just because of that leftover product few cents product.

Alternative way of using the leftover conditioner

Instead of mixing them together, you can also use it in the alternative way so that it doesn’t get wasted,

  • You could use it as a shaving creme, use it to shave your hair from the leg or under arms,
  • The hair conditioner can even clean your stainless steel plate or even the gas stove,
  • Use it for your pedicure purposes, mix it in the warm water soak your leg for few minutes, and scrub your foot, easy,
  • Use it as a makeup remover, apply it on the cloth scrub it on your face, wash your face with a water, now you will feel very fresh.

Final Thought

There are two things might happen, one is you might end up in hair loss issue and the other is your hair might same as before, before mixing the conditioners consider all the above factors, and make decision according to it, do it on your own risk, who knows it might give you a great result than the ones that you used separately gave, it’s all based on your luck.

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