The Best “PH balanced leave in conditioners” and shampoo for healthy hair

Before we get into the list of PH balanced leave in conditioner and shampoo we need to know what is the ph level and how does it affect hair growth.

what is the ph level of hair?

Potential of Hydrogen is shortly called as ph, the normal ph level of hair ranges between 4.5 and 5.5, when the ph level of your hair is under the mentioned level the cuticles of your hair will be close and strong that leads to healthy hair and when the ph level of your hair changes you may experience the hair loss.

the problem is most of the hair products that we use are not ph balanced and they will not even mention it in the product description,

nothing to worry,

we have chosen a list of pH balanced shampoo and conditioners and we picked the best them.

pH balanced leave in conditioner

1) Deep Repair Argan Oil Conditioner by Tree To Tub

This deep repair Argan oil leave in conditioner by Tree To Tub is the best leave in conditioner that is chosen from our list.

this product is being Amazon’s choice with an average rating of 4.4 stars out of 5.

they combine soapberry with Moroccan argan oil, aloe vera, coconut oil, and pomegranate to maintain the pH level of 5.5.

this leave in conditioner is best for the dry and damaged hair and it helps to detangle the hair easily.

it is made mostly by the organic ingredients which act very mildly on your scalp.

  • pH balanced leave in conditioner, it maintains the acidic pH of 5.5.nthis product is free from toxins, SLS, parabens, and sulphate. nit turns your dry damaged hair to smooth and moisturized hair.nit makes your scalp from dandruff problems.nthe argan oil rich in vitamin E and A helps to attain the perfect pH level of 5.5.nit detangles your dry and frizzy hair.nit smells fantastic.nbest suitable the people suffering from a sensitive scalp.nit is also silicon free.n
  • no noticeable cons

pH balanced shampoo

Moisturizing Shampoo for Sensitive Skin by Tree To Tub

it seems Tree To Tub is best in case of pH balance right?

yes, you are absolutely right.

they also have a pH balanced shampoo with an average rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 on Amazon.

this shampoo is best suitable for the dry and itchy scalp, it will remove helps your scalp to stay away from the dandruff problems.

the soapberry that contains creamy and organic lather which helps to maintain the pH level of the body.

  • it helps to maintain the ph level of the hair.nit is mostly made by the organic ingredients.nthe soapberry which is used to maintain the pH level is naturally anti bacterial and anti inflammatory which is an extra added benefit.nbest suitable for the dry and damaged hairs.nit doesn’t cause irritation to your scalp
  • no scent is added to this product but you can use your essential oil blend with it.


it is very to maintain the pH level of your hair, so it is best to use the better to use the pH balanced shampoo and a leave in conditioner.

we have listed the best of best products that we found from Amazon, use it and leave your opinion in the comments below.

have healthy hair.

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