3 Best detangling brush for 4c hair

Detangling your hair is almost like going for war when it comes to type 4 hair(4a, 4b, 4c) it is going to be more than a war.

you need to fight against your own hair to make remove all the tangles.

detangling your 4c hair is tougher than the other type 4 hairs,

you can not see any words(specially made for 4c hair) while purchasing the brush, and that’s why we created a list,

best detangling brush for 4c hair.

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1) Crave Naturals Glide Thru Detangling Brush for Adults & Kids Hair

with 4.2 stars out of 5 average rating and 5500 customer reviews crave naturals glide thru detangling brush is being Amazon’s choice for its best reviews.

one tip for the people having Afro hair is apply a conditioner before you detangle your hair.

this brush is best suitable for the children, and it doesn’t mean that it is not suitable for the adults, it is best for both.

its unique cone-shaped design makes the brush works in the sideways, which makes the toughest tangles to detangle in the easiest way.

  • this brush is made with the quality bristles so that it will not lose its shape.nit is kids friendly.ndetangles your 4c hair very well.nits unique shape is the noticeable one.
  • No noticeable cons.

2) Goody Clean Radiance Oval Cushion Hair Brush

goody is being the best detangling brush for 4c hairs for more than a decade.

this brush has 530 customer reviews with 3.9 average ratings out of 5 stars.

this detangling brush is made up of copper bristles, which catch the knot well and detangle it easily and to the core.

  • this brush is made with the copper bristles which removes your tangles to the core.nit also acts as a massager and massages your scalp well.nn
  • you need to use lemon to clean the brush.

3) Michel Mercier Detangler – Detangling Hairbrush

Michel Mercier is also one of the well-known brands in hair brushes,

it detangles your 4c hair well with its unique cutting edge no tangle technology.

they have made this brush with 428 bristles of 32 different heights to give the correct pressure to correct place on your scalp.

this brush is specially made for the thick hair, it enters deep into your hair and detangles the knots easily without causing any pain to your scalp.

  • One of the best brushes available for 4c hair.nit gently massages your scalp while you brush it.nits unique design helps to apply the pressure equally all the parts of your scalp.nit has a long lifetime.nyou need not use any detangling spray.nit is kids friendly.
  • No noticeable minus points.n


we have listed all the possible best detangling brush for 4c hair, use it and give your opinion in the comments.

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