8 Life-changing benefits of Head massage, how to do a proper head massage

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Most of us know Head Massage is good for our head but we don’t know what are the benefits of head massaging exactly,

Do you know, spending 5 minutes daily for this head massage can change your life completely?

If you know a few of its benefits, leave it in the comments and then start reading this article.

Let’s dive deep into it,

Benefits of head massage

Here is a list of 15 benefits

1)Head massage increases the blood circulation

The first benefit of Head massage is Blood circulation, when you massage the scalp either with or without oil helps for the blood circulation in your scalp which may lead to further benefits like,

2)Head massage Reduces the body heat when massaged with the oil

body heat is the main reason for a lot of problems like stress when you massage your head with the oil it reduces the body heat and increases the health to not only your head but to the whole body.

the scalp massages increase the serotonin, and serotonin is a chemical produced in your body which reduces the stress and enhances your happy mood.

we have written an article on the benefits of oiling your hair you can read that article here.

3)Head massage prevents your scalp from dandruff

when the blood circulation is happening in the right way it may cure the itchy scalp that is caused due to dandruff.

4)Head massage Promotes hair growth

due to good blood circulation on your scalp, it will lead to less hair fall and promote hair growth.

it also strengthens the root of the hair.

5)Remove toxins from the scalp

Most of the head massage practitioners believe that deep scalp massage can remove away the toxins that are present on the scalp.

6)Head massage helps the body cells to work to it’s fullest

the head massage helps to increase the oxygen level of your body which helps for the blood flow to all the parts of your body and that makes your body cells to works to it’s the fullest potential.

7)It increases the memory power of your brain

when the heat and stress are removed from the body your mood becomes better and makes the brain more active than before which leads to increased memory power.

8) Better sleep

head massage is (like a sugarfree candy for the diabetes patient) for the people suffering from sleepless disorders, doing a regular scalp massage of twice a week can help them sleep well.

Best oils to use for head massage

The best oil to use for the head massage is castor oil because of its cooling nature, you can use the below oils from amazon to use it for your massage.

castor oils

other oils

How to do a proper head massage?

we have seen the benefits of head massage, and now comes the question, how to do it properly?

there are two methods to do a scalp massage

  1. head massage with oil.
  2. doing it with electronic massagers available on the market.

head massage with oil

This is the traditional and most effective way of massaging

here are the steps involved

  1. drop the oil on your hand and apply it on your head
  2. now use your fingers to massage your head gently
  3. do not use your palm to rub your head
  4. make sure to reach all the places of your head
  5. leave it for 30 minutes and take a bath
  6. leaving it for 2 to 3 hours will give you an effective result.

you can also massage your head without oil if you don’t like the stickiness of the oil.

you can use the above-mentioned oil for the massage, but you can do it with any oil you like.

Head massage with electronic massager

this process is the same as the other massaging methods, there are different head massagers available on amazon you can buy it and use it,

make sure to cover all the areas of your head.

Here are our recommended head massagers


we have discussed all the benefits of head massage and also the process of doing head massage.

doing two to three times a week will show you the possible changes, have a healthy life.

if I left any of the benefits of head massage please mention it in the comments.


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