7 Different Ways to Get White Hair Without Bleach?

They say blondes have more fun, but lately, going even lighter has been most popular. Achieving white hair without brassiness can be a long process and may even cause damage and breakage if not done correctly.

However, it is possible to achieve an even-toned white hair look without bleach. Here we review some of the ways on how to get white hair without bleach.

Is it Possible to have Naturally White Hair?

Our hair color comes from the melanin our bodies produce. As we age, we naturally begin to produce less melanin in our hair, which causes it to turn grey or white. Genetic and medical conditions may cause hair to turn white prematurely, but your hair will generally have a natural blonde to brown color.

White Hair Dye

White hair dye is available in local drug stores, grocery stores, and online. A typical white hair dye kit (Amazon link) comes with all of the supplies you will need to create your white hair look at home.

  • A tube of the color cream
  • An application bottle
  • Developer lotion
  • A tube of after-treatment conditioner
  • Gloves
  • Instructions

White hair dye works best if you already have light to blonde hair. Brunettes may have to try a few applications or a combination of methods to achieve white hair through hair dye.

Purple Shampoo and Conditioner

If you are already blonde, but looking to tone out your brassiness, turn to purple shampoo and conditioner(Amazon link). Purple is the opposite of yellow on the color wheel, so it will neutralize the yellow and remove it from your hair.

While purple shampoo and conditioner will not damage your hair, be mindful of how long you leave it in. If you already have light blonde hair, leaving purple products in your hair too long could overtone them, leaving you with a purple tint in your hair.

While this method will only work on those who are already blonde to bring their hair to a whiter blonde, brunettes can also use purple shampoo to lift the brassy tones from their hair or highlights.

Hair Toner

Hair toner is different from purple shampoo and conditioner but also works to remove brassy, yellow to orange tones in your hair to make it brighter and whiter. Unlike purple hair products that can take a few applications, toner works immediately to remove yellow and orange tones from your hair, giving your blonde a bright, white look. 

Toner works best when applied to damp hair, and you apply it to your hair the same way that you would apply hair dye. Misapplying toner could cause purple or blue hair or an ashy grey look.

Hair toner works best when mixed with a developer. Vol 10 will tone darker and brunette hair, and Vol 20 tones light, blonde hair. It is crucial to get the ratio of toner and developer correct to get the ideal white look. While you can buy DIY toner and developer kits for home use, see a professional hairstylist for the best results.

Hair Wax

If you want to create a vibrant white hair color for Halloween or another temporary event, hair wax(Amazon Link) is a great way to get immediate white hair results. Temporary hair dye wax coats the outer layer of your hair with the color of your choice.

While white temporary hair dye works best on light hair, brunettes can use a thicker application to coat their hair and achieve that white-blonde look. Because temporary hair dye wax covers the outside of your hair, it can be sticky or stiff if you use too much. Try to brush out any access so you can style as usual afterward.

Hair wax is a temporary way to get white hair and washes out easily. You will have to keep applying it if you want white hair for an extended time.

Applying Powder for White Hair

Another temporary way to white hair is to use powder. You will need talcum baby powder, white face powder, or cornstarch, a bowl, and a makeup sponge or brush.

Brush the powder through your hair, starting at your hairline and temples. At first, and depending on how dark your hair is, it will begin to look grey. However, you can go back over it and start sprinkling the powder all over your hair for a whiter effect.

Once your hairline and roots are covered, start to work the powder through your hair, pulling it from the roots to the tips of your hair. After you have the brightness you are looking for, use hair spray to make the powder stick to your hair for the night. This temporary way to get white hair will wash out easily with regular shampoo.

Hair Chalk

Hair chalk is made by mixing some chalk with dry pigment and a binder. While you can find hair chalk in many pastel colors, it also comes in white. Hair chalk is available at most drug stores or online, and applying it is a pretty straightforward process.

  • Hold a section of your hair out and brush it to separate the strands.
  • Rub the chalk through the separated section of hair.
  • Set it with heat from a blow dryer – a hair straightener or curling iron will create longer-lasting results.
  • Spray your hair with hairspray for additional hold.

What is a Pre-Lightening Treatment?

Pre-lightening is a professional term for bleaching your hair. If you’re only interested in how to get white hair without bleach, avoid taking a stylist up on their pre-lightening treatment recommendation.

However, if you have dark hair and are looking for a permanent solution for white hair, you may need to bleach. Your hairstylist can help you determine if your hair is healthy enough for bleach. Bleaching works best on healthy hair that hasn’t been chemically treated by previous dye jobs, perms, chemical straightening, or other treatments.

The Bottom Line

While bleach is the most permanent solution to get white hair, it is not always the best option. If your hair is already damaged, bleach could cause breakage.

If you already have blonde hair or are looking for temporary ways on how to get white hair without bleach, these methods are healthier for your hair and won’t dry it out as much.

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