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phyto black hair relaxer

My hair is of type 4c, i planned to grow it longer and it grew very well, but when it keeps growing i started to feel my hair is very hard to manage, it takes at least 2 days to deep condition and style it, it is very annoying sometimes especially for the lazy people like me.

I had an idea of using flat iron, but i thought i would go with something that causes less damage than the flat iron, and so i decided to go with the relaxing option.

When surfing through the internet, i found the phytospecific relaxer, read all the possible reviews and watched related youtube videos and finally bought it,

After using it for few months, i decided to review the product, 

In this article we will discuss each and every features, what’s my experience and pros and cons of it in depth,

Let’s dive deep into it.

Things to consider before buying the Phytospecific Relaxer

This relaxer straighten the hair with the use of natural ingredients and does not contain any harsh chemicals in it, 

If you are looking for a no lye and harsh chemical free relaxer, this would be the best fit for you.

Whether your hair is delicate and fine or coarse and denser phytorelaxer has two different versions for your hair type

Phytospecific relaxer comes in two different versions for different types of hair, named Index 1, and Index 2

Who should use and which one to choose?

Phytospecific relaxer index 1

Index 1 is for people with fine to medium fine hair, basically it is a milder version of phyto relaxer,

People with delicate hair are easily prone to damage, so index 1 acts very mild on their hair at the same time it straightens the hair as well.

Phytospecific relaxer index 2

People with coarse or dense hair like me should use the index 2 version, it is little bit stronger which is specially made for the coarse hair,

I have used the index 1 version instead of 2, because i don’t want to use the strong chemical on my hair since it has more probability to damage my hair,

But instead I used index 1 and left it little longer than the usual time, I left it on my hair for 20 minutes(Usually 10 to 15 minutes is enough) to achieve the same result that I get from index 2.

Two different types of results

  • If you want to slightly release the curl go with the index 1
  • If you want bone straight hair i recommend you to go with the index 2 even if it is harsh, because only then you can achieve the hair type you want, since i just want to release the curls i have chosen the index 1.

Product description

PHYTO is a reputable brand in the hair care industry since 1965, they mostly use the botanical plants to solve the hair problems, and phytorelaxer is one of their invention which use the same method as other products of them,

They claims to straighten any type of hair from fine to coarse hair 

Features & Benefits

It is ammonia free which makes your hair gentle and smooth after the use of this relaxer,

It is made of 100% natural ingredients, if you are a lover of natural products, then this one is for you

The no lye formula makes it very comfort and it doesn’t cause any burning sensation on the scalp,

It is made with egg and soy based formula which makes the relaxer odorless.

My experience

It relaxed my hair very well as i expected, it made my hair soft and smooth and easy to manage,

I wanted to lose my curls rather than relaxing and i did exactly what i want and now my hair is easy to manage, the time spend to style my hair is reduced a lot, 

I’m enjoying the product,


  • Makes my hair soft and bouncy,
  • Makes your unruly hair easily manageable,
  • Paraben,silicone and petrochemicals free,
  • Odorless,
  • No burning sensation,
  • Last longer


  • When i washed my hair after relaxing i felt little sick in my stomach but it was completely cured after few minutes, even though it is plant based still it is a chemical,
  • Price is little bit higher,
  • Quantity is less for the price,

Where to buy

This phytospecific relaxer is available on amazon and sephora, since i like amazon for their good and quick delivery, i bought it from amazon

>>Phytospecific Relaxer index 1<<

>>Phytospecific Relaxer index 2<<


Avlon affirm sensitive scalp relaxer

If you are looking for a relaxer which is cheaper than the phytospecific, then i would recommend you to buy this affirm relaxer,

This is specially made for the sensitive scalp so that you won’t feel any burning sensation,

It is safe to use for the color treated hair, so if your hair is color treated this is the best alternative for you.

>>Avlon affirm sensitive scalp relaxer<<

I have written a whole dedicated article on Best Relaxer For Black Hair, you can take a look at it.


How often should I use this?

It really depends on your hair type and texture, mine is a 4c hair which is very dense, i use it once in three months

Can I color my hair before or after using this product?

You can relax your hair both before and after coloring your hair, however you should use this relaxer only on healthy scalp, and if your scalp is damaged due to coloring, you should consult a hairstylist before relaxing, he will find out whether your scalp is in good condition to relax.

Which shampoo should I use after using a phytorelaxer?

Not only after this relaxer, even if you use any other relaxer, you should use neutralizing shampoo to bring the hair back to the normal pH.

pH balanced shampoo and leave in conditioner


I wanted to make my hair more manageable and i did it what it says, my hair is now easily manageable and are not coily anymore, i hope it works well for you as well,

My soft and smooth hair is ready for any hairstyles now, thinking about styling my hair is not disturbing my mind anymore,

Read all the above mentioned point and choose the one that suits you, before purchasing go through the amazon reviews as well and then decide whether to buy it or not,

You can checkout the product on amazon through this link.

>>Phytospecific Relaxer index 1<<

>>Phytospecific Relaxer index 2<<

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