Using Relaxer On Caucasian Hair – Best One For White People

Can you use a relaxer on Caucasian hair? 

Most of the relaxer brands says that they are made for afro hair because mostly Ethnic/African people are the ones with curly hair, and in order to target that group of audience they use this word, but actually the relaxers are made for the hair not for the black or white people so it works well on Caucasian hair as well.

How to style my Caucasian hair immediately after relaxing it?

Using a conditioner can help you style your hair and it does not damage the relaxed hair as well, after conditioning you can use the hair brush or comb to style it.

Can you relax the bleached Caucasian hair?

Relaxing any type of hair after bleaching is not recommended, it can cause a huge hair loss, instead you could try keratin treatment to straighten your hair, and again relaxing the bleached hair is strictly no no,

If you have bleached your hair, I would recommend you to reach out to the hair specialist even after the recommended period of time, he will look at the condition of your hair and treat it according to that.


There are two different types of relaxers Lye and No Lye,

No lye relaxers are best suitable for the fine delicate hair, hair stylist recommend no lye relaxer for the white people as they are very gentle and softer than the lye relaxer, it doesn’t mean there won’t be any breakage but the breakage is reduced with the no lye based relaxers.

Best No Lye Relaxer For Caucasian Hair

The best recommended Relaxer for white people is 

1) Phytospecific Relaxer index 1 (For fine hair)

Phytospecific relaxer has product for both fine and coarse hair, choosing the above mentioned relaxer will be the best fit for your hair type,

We have a detailed review on phytospecific relaxer, so here i will discuss the main pros and cons,

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  • This relaxer is 100% made of natural ingredients and does not contain the harsh chemicals like ammonium, harsh chemicals may lead to hair damage and hair fall, so by eliminating it your hair is safe from breakage
  • It lasts upto 6 to 8 weeks
  • Does not cause any irritation in your scalp
  • Make your hair frizz free and easy to manage
  • No bad odor


  • Little pricey 

2) Best Alternative ORS olive oil Relaxer

One of the best alternative for the caucasian hair is ORS olive oil relaxer,

It is made for the delicate hair, and protect your hair while relaxing, 

It is made from the exotic oils like Mediterranean Olive, African Shea butter and Brazilian Pequi Oils

Olive oil contains vitamin E which helps to balance the production oil on your scalp, add shine, improve blood circulation and makes your scalp healthy,

Shea butter has anti inflammatory properties which helps to reduce the redness and scalp irritation, and the pequi oil adds extra shine to your hair.

So I highly recommend ORS olive oil relaxer.

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