This Is Why Your Brown Hair Is Turning Blonde

why my brown hair is turning bonde? The one common reason that is responsible for the color change in both skin and the hair is melanin, melanin is a pigment that is caused by the special cells called melanocytes, these cells are usually present at the bottom of every hair strands, when these cells more melanin your hair will be brown or black and when the melanin production is dropped your hair might turn blonde, apart from this there are several other reasons that are responsible for the change of hair color from brown to blonde, we will discuss every reasons in this article.

Reason for the brown hair turning blonde

1) Eumelanin and pheomelanin

Melanin is further divided into two types Eumelanin and Pheomelanin,

Our gene has the ability to produce both of these genes and eumelanin is responsible for the brown dark hair and pheomelanin is responsible for the red hair,

When your gene does not produce enough eumelanin or pheomelanin, your hair turns blonde,

Your parents and grand parents does play a major role in the production of these melanins, However the melanin production changes by age as well, that is why your hair changes from brow to blonde as you age.

2) Hormonal Imbalance

The color change in children are due to the change of hormone levels, hormones sends signals to these melanin producing cells, imbalance in hormone level can stop sending the signal, which leads to lesser production of the melanin for brown hair, which further leads to hair lightening.

3) Usage of chemicals

Our hair is exposed to lot of chemicals these days, we use lot of hair styling tools that has the ability to change our hair color,

Hydrogen peroxide is one of those chemicals, they can easily react with the melanin and make them colorless.

4) Usage of Certain drugs

According to a research, usage of two experimental drugs (Bristol-Myers Squibb’s ipilimumab and Pfizer’s tremelimumab) that fights cancer by boosting immune system changed the patients hair completely white, but this is a very good sign according to them, the people’s hair that completely turned white where completely cured from the cancer.

5) Exposure to the sun

Yes, exposure to the sun can react with the melanin in your hair strands and lighten your hair,

However exposing yourself too much to the sun is not a good thing to do because it may make your hair dry which leads to a hair damage.

You can use a moisturizer to reduce the effect of sun on hair.

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