How Long Do Passion Twist Last, How To Maintain It?

How long do passion twist last?

Passion twist is a hair style that is invented by a miami based hair stylist named Kaylin Rogers, she mentioned in an instagram post that the passion twist can last upto 2 months, however a little touchup could extend the lifetime of the twist.

Here is her instagram post for your reference,

We have seen how long does it last last, now coming to the next question,

How to increase its lifetime, how to maintain it?

To see how to increase the lifetime of the passion twist, we need to know what are all the little problems it creates after few weeks,

Here are the issues of passion twist

  • When your hair grows, you will start to see the rubber band that you used to make the passion twist, you will see, it is moved from the root to a few inches, this might be due to two reasons one is because of the hair growth and the other is because of the twists get loosened,
  • The next problem is your original hair comes out of the twist at the ends, may be this is also because of the twist gets loosened,
  • Next issue is the passion twist hair gets separated at the ends, it looks frizzy when this happens
  • The hair gets tangled at the ends, it also gets tangled to the ear rings that you wear, it is annoying sometimes,
  • Some parts of the twist doesn’t even look like a twist after the mentioned period of time.

How to maintain it and how to increase the lifetime?

  • Make sure your hair is moisturized well before you start doing passion twist,
  • Using the leave in conditioning spray might be the best option to lock the moisture into the scalp,
  • When the original hair pop out at the ends, make sure to cut the excess ones,
  • Do not pull the hair after styling it, try to not even touch it unnecessarily,
  • Use the silk pillow case while you sleep

Best hairs to do passion twist

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