Do Hair Brush Straighteners Work ? – Everything You Need To Know

There are lots of ways to straighten your curly hair, Relaxer, flat irons are few of those and one among those is hair straightening brushes,

Usually there are two ways of hair straightening one is chemical method such as using relaxers, these are permanent, however the new grown hair maintains the older texture(i.e curly hair texture),

The second method is using the electronic products that uses heat to change the texture of the hair, this method is temporary, and any environmental factors like washing the hair, applying any hair creams may affect and get it back to curly again, Hair brush straightening comes under the second category,

do hair brush straighteners work? Hair brush straighteners can be used to straighten the fine hair that can be easily damaged to heat, but it is better to use flat iron to straighten the coarse or thick curly hair.

So if you have a thought of buying it, make sure your hair isn’t too curly and not thick, if you have a light curls you can use it.

Now we know who should use the hot air brush, lets come to the next point

Does it damage hair?

Any product that uses heat on our hair has the ability to damage our hair as well, but unlike flat irons, the brush straighteners produce less heat as we already mentioned this can be very useful for the finely curly hair,

On the other side the tip of the bristle can snag on to the end of the hair strands which may leads to split ends according to naturally curly.

Is a hot brush better than flat iron and other straighteners?

Ofcourse yes, since the heat applied on the hair by the hot brush is lesser than the heat produced by flat iron, so the hair damage is minimal in straightening brush.

Can I use straightening brush on wet hair?

Using straightening brush on the wet hair is definitely not adviseable, naturally heat can cause more damage to the wet hair, even the normal detangling brush is not adviced to use on wet hair, people when they are hurry will think of using it, but this can definitely damage your hair to the core,

Not only that, since it is an electrical product, water may damage the electrical components.

What are the advantages of straightening brush?

  • It serves two purposes brushing and straightening is done at the same time,
  • It distribute the heat evenly so you can expect a perfect and uniform finish which you can not expect in the flat irons,
  • The temperature selection is the best option, you can select the best suitable temperature for your hair type,
  • It heats instantly so it is a time saving process,

What are the disadvantages of straightening brush?

  • Since the heat produced is minimal, it can not straighten the thick curly hair,

Are hair brush straighteners any good, Do i recommend?

Ya, if you have a lite curly hair, i would definitely recommend using the straightening brushes.

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