TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Protection Spray Review

When hair is exposed to over heat and pollution, it starts to fall out, to solve the issues caused by curling and flat irons, heat protection sprays are introduced, Tresemme heat protection spray is one among them.

There is no need for introduction to tresemme, they are one among the famous and best brands in the hair care industry,

What does this heat protection spray do?

Lets see what this heat protection spray do to your hair in points,

  • It reduces the time that is taken to style the hair with heat tools,
  • It protects the hair from the heat that are produced by the hair styling tools,
  • It helps to hold the strength of the hair and increases the elasticity of the hair which makes the hair to look lively even after using the heating iron,
  • It helps to maintain the shape of the hair,
  • Makes your hair more shiny than before.

What are the main ingredients used in it?


Does this really work?

I was experiencing a serious hair loss issue because of the straightening irons that i used, i used to use my conditioner as a heat protectant, but that worked only to a little extent,

I was searching a lot for a better product, nothing worked, and one day i accidentally searching for a tresemme products and this heat protectant came to my eyes, when i read the reviews, i saw mixed opinions, but i decided to buy it,

I was very lucky that is saw this product, i works like a charm, i love this product very much, i had even recommended this to my friends and it worked well for them too, it should work fine for you as well.

To check the price of this product i was searching for it in the offline stores, but i could not find it, i think it is only available in online stores, please do mail me at [email protected] if you find it somewhere in the offline stores, so that i will update it here.

What i love about this product

  • It smells great,
  • Price is not too high,
  • It works very well as a heat protectant,
  • It enhances the vibrancy of the hair,
  • It removed all the frizz from my hair,
  • Makes the hair healthier,

What i don’t like

  • The nozzle feels very difficult to spray it,
  • This product is made for the damp and not for the dry hair.

How to use it?

  • Spray the tresemme spray on hair before blow dry or before using straightening irons,
  • Use a hair brush to brush all the tangles on hair,
  • Make sure the spray touches the shaft of the hair,
  • Now you can blow dry your hair, tresemme will work as a sheild.


This tresemme heat protection spray worked well for me, it helped me from hair loss, now my hair doesn’t fall too much like before, very little here and there but that is completely normal, if you have any queries, please let me know at [email protected].

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