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3 Best anti static hair brush to get rid of static and frizz hair

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Static hair is very annoying and especially if you have a long hair, it is going to be a headache creating issue,

there are many ways to get rid of a static hair and one of them is using an anti static hair brush.

we have gone through lots of customer reviews and spoke to the users and with the personal experience with the products, we have created a list of 3 best anti static hair brushes that will do its work perfectly beyond your expectation.

before we get into the list, you will need a blow dryer and here is our recommendation.

this is being as amazon choice with an average rating of 4.2 stars with 2970 customer reviews.

you can also search for the blow dryer

Best anti static hair brushes

1) Antistatic Bristle Hair Brush by Osensia 

The first brush from our list is Antistatic bristle hairbrush by osensia.

this brush has an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 with 530 customer reviews on Amazon.

they built this product by infusing ceramic and ion,

the bristles of the brush can withstand up to 428-degree Fahrenheit or 220 degrees Celcius.

the wavy and polished bristles cover all the area of your hair and make the hair styling easy.

the holes in the brush help the air to reach the hair quickly while blow-drying and also it is easy to get rid of frizz and static hair.

Users opinion

  1. one of the users says she has a thick, wavy and long hair and this brush is a perfect match for her hair, and she further adds the ceramic brush heats up the hair well when used with the blow dryer and it dries her hair quickly.
  2. user 2 says that she had been using this anti static brush for the past 8 months and it is working very well, the handles are very smooth and does not catch the hairs.
  3. user 3 says, she has very delicate hair that is easy to damage and very hard to get volume, this brush is working just fine and it helps to get away from the frizz and static hair and it gives shine to her hair.
  • light weight,
  • it has a longer lifetime,
  • best ergonomic design,
  • helps to get away from frizz and static hair easily,
  • it gives volume to the hair,
  • this is one of the best round brush available in the market.
  • some people say that the grip hurt their hand.

2) FIXBODY Boar Bristles Anti Static Round Hair Brush

The next Anti static hairbrush in our list is Fixbody’s round hairbrush.

this brush has an average rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 with 440 customer reviews.

Human hair naturally produces an oil called sebum, this sebum helps to protect the hair,

this boar bristled brush helps to spread the sebum throughout the hair strand and helps to get rid of frizz and static hair.

the rubber handle gives a tight grip and it is very easy to hold.

it works perfectly with the blow dryer and helps to dry your hair very quickly.

users opinion

  1. user 1 says I have bought a lot of cheap and crap products from amazon but this one works best, she says I have very fine and limp hair above the shoulder and this brush grab and hold the hair very well.
  2. user 2 says I am pleased with this brush and it gives a professional look to my hair, I don’t like to spend a lot of money one salon and this brush saved my time and money, I will highly recommend it.
  3. user 3 says she has a mason Pearson and it was too high in price and now I found this Fixbody’s anti static bristles as an alternative to it, it helps to take out tangles and also to get rid of frizzy hair.
  • it is easy to use,
  • it helps to dry your hair quickly,
  • this brush is light weight,
  • it is easy to remove the tangles,
  • the brush does not get tangled to the hair while blow drying your hair,
  • the needle is removable,
  • the cleaning process is very easy, you can use any shampoo to clean it,
  • it reduces the need of flat iron,
  • the anti static claim by the owner is accurate.
  • no noticeable cons

3) SUPRENT Round Brush, Boar Bristles Round Brush

This is the 3rd Anti static hairbrush in our list,

it has an average rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 and has 493 customer reviews.

the ceramic coating of this brush helps to spread the heat quickly to the hair while blow-drying,

this is also one of the best round brushes that are available in the market.

the nano ionic technology bristles help to reduce the frizz and give shine to your hair.

if you have a long hair 2-inch brush will be suitable for you,

The 1.7-inch brush is suitable for the medium hair,

The 1-inch brush is suitable for short hair.

users opinion

  1. user 1 says I choose this anti static brush over the million other products because of its mid-price, this brush is a winner it is lightweight and I can hold it long while doing a blowout.
  2. user 2 says the brush is awesome and the handle is comfortable to hold due to its good ergonomic design, the holes in the barrel helps my hair to blow freely and it dry my hair quickly.
  3. user 3 says I bought two brush of different sizes, I have used many brushes in my lifetime but this was the one that I am looking for it helps to get rid of static hair and it makes my hair very smooth and shine.
  • easy to use,
  • easy to clean,
  • the bristles are very lengthy so that it could enter into very thick hair,
  • the brush owner gives a warranty of 12 months, you can get a refund or new one if you see any issue with the brush, this gives very trust on the product,
  • boar bristles are good for the scalp according to some research, the feel of this bristles will be very nice on the scalp.
  • the handle is little small, there is a chance of hair getting tangled to the brush sometimes but it is not a big issue.


After a deep research, analysis, and discussion we have made this list of best Anti Static hair brushes all these brushes will do it’s work better than the other products that are available online, they are also easily affordable.

buy and use the brush and we would love to hear your opinion in the comments below.

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