4 Best Edge Control Gel For Natural 4C Hair

What is edge control? The edge control is a hair product that helps to keep your baby hair laid
They work by making the baby hair dry and make it stiff and hold the edges, and this is useful when you wanna fold and hold the edges of your baby hair,

My hair is type is 4c,

Not all the edge control gels works on all hair types and that too for 4C hair a special attention is required,
I have used many edge control gels to find out the best ones that worked for me to lay my baby hair well,

In this article i’m gonna share you the best ones that i found works very well for me,

Here is the list,

Best Edge Control For 4c Hair

1) Instant Control Edge & Braid Gel Max. Hold

This product has an average rating of 4.4. stars out of 5 stars on Amazon with more than 700 customer reviews and is being Amazon’s choice.

This instant edge control gel dries immediately and holds the baby hair immediately, there is no need to tie down your hair and wait for an hours of time to dry and lay down your edges,

It works for braiding and smoothing edges for all types of hair but this is specially works great for the 4c natural hair,

What i love about this product?

  • This does not have any strong fragrance and are extremely safe to the sensitive skin,
  • It lays down your baby hair instantly,
  • The price is very affordable,
  • Consistency is very thick and little goes a long way,
  • It hold my edges until i washed it, which is a great and something not other gels can do,
  • It doesn’t melt away even after a long period of usage,
  • Works great for me

What i don’t like?

  • What i felt was after adding this gel my forehead feels a little stiff, but this may not be a negative point,
  • It turns into white but does not flake, applying oil will help you get rid of this issue.

2) Design Essentials Sleek Edge Control For Relaxed & Natural Hairs

This product has an average rating of 4.4. stars out of 5 stars on Amazon with more than 250 customer reviews.

It moisturize and smoothens the hair edges and gives a hold to the unruly hair,

It makes your baby hair shine and polished,

Once my hair was straightened and i was searching for a product to hold my edges and i finally end up with the design essentials and it worked very well on my hair, and the hold lasts upto 1 day,

When i started using it regularly i started loving it and i recommended it to few of my friends, they loved it as well,

What i love about this product?

  • It makes my edges soft, smooth and shiny,
  • The price is very cheap,
  • It smells great, and even my boyfriend mentioned it few times,
  • Works very well for the thick coarse hair,
  • A little goes a long way.

What i don’t like about this product?

  • It does forms some buildups, so you need to wash it to get rid of it.

3) Lotta Body Coconut Shea Oils Control Me Edge Gel

This product has an average rating of 4.2 stars out of 5 on Amazon with more than 600 customer reviews and is being Amazon’s choice.

I have used this product for a long time and likes it a lot, it works very well on my natural hair as well as on the relaxed hair, the consistency is not too this as well as not too watery,

Lottabody is one of the best brand used in edge controlling and it works well for all hair types,

What i love about this product?

  • As i mentioned above, the consistency is very good,
  • lays down my baby hair well,
  • It get through your hair quick and dries fast,
  • It doesn’t leaves any white residue,
  • It makes your edges look sleek and tamed.

What i don’t like about this product?

  • Your hair may feel little bit of greasy and oily.

4) Style Factor Mini Edge Booster Strong Hold Hair Pomade Color

This product has an average rating of 4.1 stars out of 5 on Amazon with more than 900 customer reviews,

It is made with the natural argan oil and absorbs quickly and holds the edges as fast as it can,

Nourishes and hydrates your hair well, and gives a long lasting hold,

I had used this product few times and got a good result with it, i’m no more using this product not because i don’t like, but i liked the above products more than this one so i stopped using it, that doesn’t mean you should not use it, it’s just my opinion.

What i love about this product?

  • Little goes a long way,
  • The smell is great,
  • Does what they claim, holds the edges well,
  • It helps to manage and style my baby hair well.

What i don’t like about this product?

  • The bottle is very small but the price for this small bottle looks high.

Related Questions

How to use the Edge Control Gel, How to apply it?

Here is the steps i folow to apply the edge control to my baby hair

  1. Dip your finger into the gel, don’t take a lot into your finger because most of the edge control gels, little goes a long way,
  2. Gently apply it on your baby hair, make sure to cover all the area,
  3. Take your brush or comb, brush it on its way,
  4. Now your baby hair should be laid down and its not annoying any more.

Is edge control bad for your hair?

Edge control gels makes your hair dry which may cause your hair to break, but this happens only when you use it daily or very often, make sure to use it only when its necessary, if you use it a little it shouldn’t cause any damage.

Can you lay your edges with vaseline?

Vaseline is not made for this purpose, so please avoid it, they can not hold the baby hair and it may cause further damage to your hair.

One final tip

Before applying any edge control product apply a scalp conditioner to minimize the damage caused by the edge control,

The above listed are the best edge control that worked fine on my 4c hair and it should work for your natural hair too.

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