What does the color of your scalp say?

most of the people worry about their hair fall problems,

meanwhile, they completely forget that the color of their scalp will give them the solution for their hair loss.

we search for the solution outside, and we forget about the scalp that is hidden inside our hair.

what does the color of your scalp mean?

there are 5 colors of scalp indicating 5 different types of problems that your hair may have,

taking treatment to your hair according to the color will make sense and help to solve the issue according to the weight of the problem.

White scalp

if the color of your scalp is white then there is nothing to worry, because the white scalp means that your scalp is healthy,

however this may change according to your place and food habits,

always having an eye on your scalp will help you a lot.

Yellow scalp

normally sebaceous glands produce sebum(oily substance) in your scalp to save your hair from dehydration,

when the sebaceous gland becomes hyperactive and produce too much of sebum, this causes your scalp to become yellow and it also produces yellow flakes,

this is medically called as Hyperseborrhea or hypersecretion of sebum

this causes itchy and painful scalp, later it may even lead to hair fall problems if left untreated.

Pink scalp

hydrolipidic protective barrier is the outer most layer of the scalp which helps to sustain the water in your skin.

if your scalp lack in this barrier, your scalp may become pink color and it allows the essential water and electrolytes to evaporate from your scalp.

the pink scalp says your scalp is weak, and your scalp becomes prone to allergy and leads to internal inflammation which leads to redness and swelling in your scalp.

Red scalp

red scalp is the next stage from the pink scalp

the red scalp is the symptom of the declined immune system

immune system produces antibodies to fight the harmful substances in your body if the production of antibodies id reduced it is called as declined immune system.

red is a dangerous sign, so this should not be left untreated.

Brown scalp

the bad blood circulation in your body may change the color your scalp to brown

this causes thickening of toxicity in the blood which is needed to be drained out

this is a rare case.

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