Why is blonde hair dark at the roots?

Blondes have dark roots both natural blonde and bleached blonde, in this article we are going to discuss, why do blondes have dark roots?

There are three scenarios in which you are going to see blonde hair with dark roots, they are ,

Case 1 : Natural blondes do have melanin in their hair, when they are exposed to sunlight, the UV rays present in the sun destroys the melanin and makes the hair blonde, that’s why the area that are exposed to sun is more lighter and the roots are less exposed to sun so they are darker than the other parts of hair.

Case 2: The second case is, the angle of sunlight that hit the blonde hair makes it look darker at the roots which means it’s not actually dark but the sunlight shows it in that color, when the blonde girl in the below picture changes the angle you can completely see a different perspective of the hair which doesn’t have dark roots

Case 3: There is another case, if it is a bleached blonde, when the hair grow,the root is going to resemble their original hair color and the bleached section is going to be of the same color if they maintain it with toner or purple shampoo, bleached hair will become brassy by time and when they are exposed to outside pollution.

Is blonde hair with dark roots natural?

Yes, they are natural, the more they are exposed to sun the more lighter they are as mentioned above.

What is blonde hair with dark roots called?

Blonde hair with dark root is a hair coloring technique and it is called as The shadow root method.