Best Alcohol free heat protectant for hair

People choose alcohol free heat protectant or any other hair products that doesn’t contain alcohol because ethyl alcohol dries out the hair,

Manufacturers mention the product alcohol-free if it doesn’t contain ethyl alcohol, but in the actual ingredients list there might be another form of alcohol, 

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Take a look at the below video, in the features and details it says alcohol free formula, but if you look on the ingredients it contains Benzyl alcohol.

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Why is alcohol used in hair products?

Alcohols are used in hair products for few reasons,

  • To keep the oil and liquid used in the heat protectant together alcohol is used,
  • To make the heat protectant instantly dry, alcohols are used in it

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What are the other names of alcohol to look for in a heat protectant

SD (specially denatured) alcohol, Benzyl alcohol, cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, cetaryl, lanolin alcohol, ethanol, propanol, isopropyl alcohol, propyl alcohol, 

These are the few forms of alcohol used in heat protestants and other hair products as well.

Who should mainly avoid heat Protectant with alcohol

People with flaky scalp, dry and brittle hair should definitely avoid this or else the problem may become even worse.

It is very tough to find alcohol free heat protectant, we dig the web deeper and again we couldn’t find one, but there are also alcohol that doesn’t has the same effect as the above mentioned alcohol, 

There are some alcohol used for the preservation of hair products that are harmless to the hair, and the products we found are as below,

Even the above mentioned benzyl alcohol is safe for the hair

Best Alcohol free heat protectants for hair

RUSK Designer Collection Thermal Serum with Argan Oil

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Main Ingredients:

Cetyl alcohol, glycerin, grape seed oil, peppermint oil, wheat amino acids, menthol, citric acid

As mentioned above cetyl alcohol is safe for the hair (source : Healthline)

Argan oil contains vitamins and minerals that promotes the hair growth and makes your scalp healthy, it also helps to strengthen hair follicles.

Best suitable for 

It is suitable for all hair types, but best suitable for Dry Hair.

What it does

It makes the dull and damaged hair to become shine and silky smooth, 

It protects the hair from heat damage caused by the heating tools


  • Little goes a long way, even the little drops gives your hair more volume and makes it shine,
  • Your hair doesn’t looks greasy or oily, it doesn’t weigh on your hair
  • It absorbs quickly,
  • If you have split ends, this is best one for you
  • I have seen few hair stylists using this serum


  • It doesn’t smell great, bit i don’t think this is a big problem, because after heat styling or blow drying you are not going to smell even it was a strong scent.

Waterless Heat Shield Protect & Re-Style

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Main ingredients 

It is made up of Hydrogenated castor oil, sodium benzoate, disodium EDTA, citric acid, panthenol, and 

What it does 

The panthenol in this product has an anto inflammatory properties, it helps to reduce redness of the scalp and helps to maintain its elasticity and makes your hair smooth, soft and shiny,

Panthenyl ethyl ether is the ether compound of panthenyl and ethyl alcohol, but they aren’t actually alcohol, that’s why they mentioned it is alcohol free,

Panthenyl ethyl ether acts as a conditioner to the hair and it helps to increase the appearance of the hair, it also increases the texture of the hair.


  • It protects the heat damage of upto 450 degree heat damage,
  • Suitable for all types of hair,
  • It adds volume to the hair,
  • It is very good for those who use curling iron or straightening rods every now and then, it helps to protect their hair from the heat.


  • It feels little bit greasier on hair


Alcohol free heat protectants are very hard to find, every hair products use one or the other form of alcohol, the best bet is finding the ones that are harmless to the hair, both the above heat protectants work well on the hair, choose the best one as you need.

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