Can i put blonde hair color on already bleached hair?

Can i put blonde hair color on already bleached hair? No, you should not apply blonde dye on bleached hair, jiAlready bleached hair means that it’s already gone through damages, also blonde hair color contains more ammonia which is very damaging to your hair, the dye does not respond well with the bleached hair like it does on the virgin hair, in this case there will be a need of using a high volume developer, higher the volume, higher the damage is gonna be, so if you keep on damaging the hair, you would end up ruining your hair which may lead to hair cut.

Cases that you can consider the blonde dye on bleached hair

  • If you have already completed 3 to 4 weeks, wait for at least 3 to 4 weeks before you blonde dye your bleached hair,
  • You can also decide whether to dye or not with the condition of your hair, your inner feeling is the guide for you, feel your hair, if you feel some burning sensations, then you should not do it.
  • If you have naturally blonde hair it takes less processing to be bleached and colors but if you have naturally black hair it has to be processed more, so the damage will be higher than the naturally blonde hair.

What if you already blonde dyed the bleached hair?

If you have already dyed it, then you have to take some measures to help it stay away from the damage,

  • Apply Athan oil or coconut oil hair mask atleast 3 to 4 times a week to minimize the irritation and damage,
  • Do not take hot water bath, instead use the cold water 
  • Do not swim in the swimming poll, swimming pool water contains chlorine which can cause irritation and hair damage.


Can i use box blonde dye on bleached hair? 

The answer is double No, most of the box dyes already comes with high volume developers, so as mentioned already high volume developer causes more damage.

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