What happens if you put blonde dye on red hair?

If you put blonde dye on red hair, you won’t get much of a difference or your hair might turn its color to the middle of red and dull red i have seen people doing it and failing which might look ugly, if lightening the hair is your intension, this is a bad way to do it.

Now the next question that might comes to your mind is can you lighten your red hair with bleach?

Again the answer is No, your hair might turn orange, or you might get the mixed shades of orange, yellow and red or when you bleach it again your hair might turn yellow and not blonde.

Then what is the way to lighten the red hair?

There is no single way to make your red hair blonde, but you can achieve a decent blonde by certain combined processes.
The process include
1) Using color fix
2) Bleaching the hair with blue tinted bleach powder and 40 volume developer
3) Using toner along with the developer
This is the process to turn your red hair to a decent blonde but I would include a separate article for the detailed process but remember one thing if you wanna try this, at last your hair is gonna get damaged a lot, if you don’t want that better leave your red hair to fade naturally.


1) Can you dye red hair blonde without bleach?
No, you can not turn your red hair blonde without bleach, the blonde dye is never gonna make your hair blonde as mentioned above.

2) How to correct the striped red to orange hair?
Bleaching the hair will lighten it and the toner will remove the unwanted red color.

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