Dying Bleached Hair – Everything You Need to Know

Dying and Bleaching are two different process, both involves a strong chemicals that has the capacity to even damage your hair if done wrong, when you think of dying the bleached hair its even riskier, in this article we are going to discuss all the things you should consider before dying the bleaced hair, we are going to discuss every drawbacks and every questions that you have in your mind.

Can you even dye the bleached hair?

Since bleached hairs already gone through heavy chemicals they become more porous and whey you dye the bleached hair there is a chance of the hair becoming more dark on the ends and light on the roots or it could turn to show up the murky tones depending on the chosen colors, since this process is very tricky you should definitely seek for a professional rather than doing it yourself and messing with the hair, so the direct answer to the above question is yes you can dye the bleached hair but not yourself, go to a hair stylist.

Can you dye damaged bleached hair?

If the damage is very minor, you can go for coloring the bleach damaged hair, bit not on your own, the damaged hair that too the ones that are damaged by bleaching needs a lot of attention and care, so go to a hairstylist before coloring it, i would never advise you to do it on your own, even to find out whether the damage is little or mor you would need an expert’s opinion.

The most advisable thing is wait for atleast 2 to 3 weeks before thinking of the dying the bleach damaged hair, in-between try to recover the damaged hair by conditioning it well,

There are some really good conditioning programs available for the damaged hair, its worth investigating it.

Can i dye my hair after bleaching it in the same day?

After any chemical damage like bleaching your hair normally strip out the natural oils, natural oils are very important in dying hair, lack of natural oil may not accept the hair color, so you have to allow your scalp to produce the natural before coloring it,

As i said above bleaching itself is a lot of chemicals involved process, so coloring it in the same day could lead you to a serious damage, so wait for atleast 2 to 3 weeks before dying it again,

Allowing it for the recommended time will heal any damage and produce the necessary oils as well in the scalp, this time stamp is very necessary to dye your hair after bleaching it.

Semi permanent hair color after bleaching

Semi permanent dyes are usually short lasting, they fade in each wash and it’s lifespan may be even less in the bleached hair, but this the one that is most recommended for any damaged hair by both chemical and heating process,

semi permanent hair dyes does not contains any harsh chemicals like ammonia or peroxide so they are better for the bleached hair, they just deposit on thr surface of the hair and do not open up to cuticle, so it is recommended.

Permanent dye on bleached hair

The ammonia present in the permanent hair dye opens up the cuticle and allow the hair color to penetrate the cortex of the hair, and the new color bonds with the cortex and change the hair color, this is how permanent dyes work, and this is highly chemicals involved process ao it is not ideal for the bleached hair, semi or demi permanent dye is the recommended ones for bleached hair.

Demi permanent dyes on bleached hair

Demi permanent hair colors does not opens up the cuticle like the permanent dyes, they contains a developer that penetrate under the outer cuticle of your hair so they last little longer than the semi permanent ones but not longer as the permanent ones, also they cause very little damage unlike permanent hair colors, so this is also highly recommended for the bleached hairs.

Dying over uneven or patchy bleached hair

The uneven patchy bleached hair occurs because of 3 major reasons,

  • If your hair has darker color,
  • If the product was not mixed properly,
  • If it is not applied and left for the required amount of time,

The easy fix for patchy bleached hair is applying a black or any other darker shades on the hair, but this is recommended only if you can’t wait for few weeks for the bleach to naturally fade away,

Be sure to use the semi or demi permanent hair color as i mentioned above.

Dying bleached hair black

If its already more than 3 weeks, you can apply black dye on the hair make sure to cover all the bleached areas, and if it’s less than 2 weeks after you bleached your hair, i would recommend you to wait for few more days to escape from the damage it causes.

How to dye bleached hair back to natural color?

  • choose your natural hair color if you know yours or choose any dark shades,
  • Gently apply on all parts of your hair, make sure to cover the whole area,
  • Leave it for the recommended time by the brand that you choose,
  • Rinse your hair,
  • The final and most important thing is use the conditioner that comes along with the dye or buy the best ones for the color treated hair.


Can I use black box dye on bleached hair?

The answer for any questions regarding dye on bleached hair is same, its wait wait wait wait, wait for 2 to 3 weeks but the more you wait, less the harm to your hair.

Can you go from blonde to brown with box dye?

Yes you can use brown box dye on blonde hair.

How can I tone my bleached hair darker? Can toner make bleached hair darker?

Toners are made for toning the highlights, if you want to tone the orange hair you can use purple shampoo, if your hair looks green you can use red dye to tone it, but you can not use toner to darken it, you can only use hair dyes to carmen it.

What happens if you put black dye on bleached hair?

If you put black dye immediately after bleaching it damage your hair severly but if you put it after the wait of recommended time it does the work what black dye does.

Can you put ash blonde dye on bleached hair?

Yes, you can, but there is a chance of it look like uneven bleached hair, any hair that is darker than ash blond will look ugly so if your bleached hair had become darker than ash blonde color i would advise you to avoid it.

Will dying bleached hair dark make it healthier?

Darker colors fill in porous hairs well than the other hair colors, so darker color makes the bleached hair look healthier, softer and shinier, on the other side dying does not make the hair healthier its just the look.

How long to wait before dying bleached hair?

As i mentioned earlier, you should wait 2 to 3 weeks.