3 Best oil for hair with split ends

oil for split ends

Split ends often lead to hair cut, do we like hair cut? not at all. then what is the solution for split ends? our hair is being damaged due to lots of reasons like pollution, washing your hair more often, using chemical-filled products, hair straighteners, curling irons, etc.. there few ways to get rid of … Read more

Best bumble and bumble products for fine hair

best Bumble and Bumble hair products

Fine hairs are very hard to get volume, especially when it comes to hairstyling it is very hard to style the fine hairs, fine hairs are very gentle and can be easily damaged, so, it is very important to choose the right products for the fine hair, if not you will mess up with your … Read more

3 Best detangling brush for 4c hair

detangling brush for 4c hair

Detangling your hair is almost like going for war when it comes to type 4 hair(4a, 4b, 4c) it is going to be more than a war. you need to fight against your own hair to make remove all the tangles. detangling your 4c hair is tougher than the other type 4 hairs, you can … Read more