What happens if you put Clorox bleach in your hair

clorox bleach in hair

bleaching is a process of removing the color from your hair and it lightens the tone of your hair. usually, people who like blond hair will go for bleaching, the bleaching products used in the salon or bought from the shop has hydrogen peroxide and ammonia which helps to lighten the hair the Clorox bleach … Read more

12 Best Professional Relaxers For Black Hair in 2022

best relaxer for black hair

Relaxers are used to straighten the hair, it is mostly used by the people having curly hair. choosing chemical products are not the easiest one as we think especially when it comes to your hair, you have to be careful because there is a chance of hair fall every time you choose a wrong product. … Read more

how to treat protein sensitive hair?

how to treat protein sensitive hair

protein has a deep relationship with hair, if your hair and protein are friends you may have healthy hair. before entering the topic how to treat your protein sensitive hair we need to know what is protein sensitive. Are you suffering from serious hair loss problems, this book will teach you everything what actually is … Read more

how to use dermaroller for hair?

derma roller for hair

what else is left that we haven’t tried to gain back or regrow our lost hair? most of the people lose their confidence because of their baldness. in this article, we are going to discuss how to use derma roller for hair loss and can derma roller regrow the lost hair? does it really help … Read more

What does the color of your scalp say?

color of scalp

most of the people worry about their hair fall problems, meanwhile, they completely forget that the color of their scalp will give them the solution for their hair loss. we search for the solution outside, and we forget about the scalp that is hidden inside our hair. what does the color of your scalp mean? … Read more